I've read some great discussions here on bras, but most of the info was for the you lucky gals larger on top.
I'm pretty small, 32 barely B, and usually wear padded bras to try to balance my hips.

I'm trying to find a nice padded every day smooth bra that is not a push up, but a full coverage. I own quite a few push ups, but found that they do not look good under turtlenecks, crew necks and similar tops since they tend to push the 'girls' up and towards each other which kind of looks weird. So I'd prefer one that leaves them where they are ( mine are kind of wide-spaced ) and just enhances them a bit. Hmm, nor that I think about it, I'm basically looking for a modern version of the 'sweater bra' as my mom used to call it , but without the cone shape. All the full coverage bras I'm finding are in bigger sizes and lightly or not padded at all.

Any recommendations? Thanks!