My dear Fabbers!

I got engaged yesterday <3 my heart is overwhelmed with Joy!! But I'm also overwhelmed with a dress choice.

We may get married yet this month in a private ceremony, and/or next
Month with our families present. So time is of the essence.

And then...eek! I don't know what to
Purchase. I don't want to go the traditional David's Bridal way. It's not me. I also need to keep it under $500.

My fiancé is wearing his custom made Austrian wool suit, a la Captain von Trapp.

I want to be practical, kind of like the 1940s where women wore little dresses or suits -- nothing elaborate. I thought of a sheath style dress, preferably with sleeves? I also love glamour and have curves, so my thinking is a sheath silhouette may be the best way to go. But I'm also smitten with rich full
Skirted maxis... I'm not sure which way to go.

Also, his suit is very well made and styled, and will make a cheap or too casual dress stick out terribly.

Do any of you have ideas? I looked at Nordstrom online and got overwhelmed.

Thank you ladies. Love to you all