I'm no help with a dress unless you can fly to Australia but congratulations to you both. May you both find never ending love & contentment together :

You ladies are are so so incredibly wonderful!! Thank you for all the well wishes and advice!! You soothed my panicked spirit, and make me feel
So special. You are certainly friends. <3

I'm just replying because all the wedding errands took all my time and energy. But I did read your replies.

So weddings are funny...

The dress I thought I wanted changed three times. The dress I bought is the exact dress I was resisting in my head. It's soft chiffon, strapless, romantic and a bit dreamy. I wanted to be terribly practical. But this is forever. Following my heart and buying a reasonably priced dress doesn't have to mean sensible looking style.

Anyway, vintage bombed out. I'm so tall and curvy that I couldn't find anything I liked to fit me. I ended up being too tall for the sleeved shift and sheath dresses. The dresses I looked at BHLDN were either out of stock or out of budget.

I went to David's Bridal first. I wanted to avoid a box store, I did. It just isn't me. But I have in. And Ya know what, it gave me peace of mind. No worrying about ordering a dress online and if it would fit or not. (My tailor said to avoid online with this much of a deadline--too risky.) I tried on 8 dresses. (It's a lot of work!!) I found one I loved: a 1940-esque glam satin number. But I discovered ink marks on the hip area, and a large blood spot near the hem. Alterations couldn't get the blood spot out. Apparently it had been there a while. (Gross!) plus it was uber glam and sexy, and so nice. But it felt more like a hollywood formal. Idk...Looking back now I feel the dress kinda wore me. It felt too daring for the scene and who I am, even though glam is a part of me.

Consignment won out! My friend suggested a small, locally owned bridal shop. I went there second, figuring I wouldn't find a thing. They had a small section of consignment and discontinued samples. These dresses were in beautiful, pristine condition! I tried on three dresses. #3 was the one my friends loved on me. It was nice but so summery, a bit beachy. That's not the look I was after...

Then they go rid of the single shoulder strap. They put on little satin cap sleeves. They added a glitzy belt.

I still waffled.

And then I realized just how at ease and comfortable I felt in it. I was loving it but resisting it: it wasn't overtly glamourous. So I took it off and tried #4 on. It didn't fit. Okay. And then my friend said, try the third dress on again. She loved it on me so much.

So we removed the shoulder strap to make it strapless. The owner found this beautiful pearl and crystal belt. And I stood there and cried. I felt beautiful. I felt at ease.

I found my dress.

Strapless. Chiffon. With crystal accents. Everything I had said no to! It also was a very good price, and being a sample it had never been worn by anyone before.

It's very soft, it's still Rita. But think Rita in her beautiful soft summer dress, not Rita in her Gilda dress. It doesn't roar, it just purrs along.

And now it's off to the tailor tomorrow with it. Needs taking in some. Otherwise fits like a dream.

In a state of bliss... Trying to sleep but can't....

Love you all <3

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Pretty is as pretty does

Congratulations and you look gorgeous in your dress. FWIW I found my wedding dress (red strapless satin) on a sales rack.

Congratulations! And you look beautiful. I am very late to this thread so had no advice to offer, but look at how well you did! The dress is lovely on you -- soft and romantic and elegant. So happy for your happiness!

Oh Rita...I have tears...You look just beautiful and so perfect...A lady knows her dress...and you my dear, did an absolutly wonderful job in knowing yours...I am so happy for you and this is just the perfect dress...
More later...

It is lovely. Good choice!

Oh, it's so beautiful! And can I just say how happy it makes me that you went this direction? It actually made me a little sad that you wanted such a practical dress, not because that's a bad idea, but because you love feminine and glam and beautiful things and if ever there's a time to rock those elements, it's your wedding! I'm glad you found such a beautiful dress!

I love it on you! It's so pretty and looks soft and flowy and like a dress you can walk and dance in... Glad you went with your heart! And not buying online was a good ideal, this close to the deadline. The only thing it would have done is stress you out.


Will you be wearing the veil from the picture?

First of all, congratulations! And great find with the dress... I'm a bit in awe that you found one in just a couple of days,even if you were looking hard. When I went wedding dress shopping, I was told to try on everything, especially the ones you didn't think you'd like, because you can be surprised. Looks like this rang true for you!

Love the storytelling of your update post. So happy for you. Congrats. And the dress is beautifully you.

The flowing lines suit you perfectly. Congratulations!

Congratulations to you!!! You look beautiful in your dress - perfect choice.

Yay! You look beautiful in your dress!

Gorgeous! You look magnificent.

Congratulations again and good luck on your special day!

Perfect You look amazing.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. I'm SO glad you didn't try to reason this one out, but let your instincts (and your good friend) choose. You are one gorgeous woman, Keturah, and you will be an exquisite bride.

Beautiful dress and you are a vision in it (and I generally do not like the strapless dresses). But the most important thing is HOW you feel about it - and it feels you have found The One and Only Dress!
More congratulations to you - both on the engagement and finding your soul-mate dress!