I’ve gained some really fab new pieces in my wardrobe this year, and after some time of watching and waiting to see how my post-pandemic wear shakes out, I’m coming to realize more strongly that it’s time for a good closet edit.

I know all the basics of a good edit, but I feel like I really need a kick in the behind to let go of things that I’m feeling meh about, things that are of limited use that don’t make me super happy, and nicer things that I keep “in case of” the right occasion. I feel like I need some next-level closet edit mojo and guidance!

Some of it is based on sunk costs — I already bought the thing and feel like I shouldn’t give it up until it gets some use, and some of it is based on perhaps not trusting my own sense of where my style will be moving forward. Maybe I’ll feel that piece again next year, you know??

Maybe some of this is a bit of midlife crisis as I cope with adjusting to how things look on a middle-aged shape with grey hair and wrinkles, LOL.

One specific example of my unease: I’m happy reaching for my simple white or black tees and my graphic tees to pair with various bottoms for summer (patterned skirts, joggers, etc), but somehow not feeling colored tees so much, even though they may be objectively more flattering. I feel like maybe they lack some edge, or seem too predictable? They’re not expensive, so I could just put them in my sleepwear capsule and be done with it. But what is happening here, I wonder? I’m feeling a bit like additional “edge” is needed as I age, perhaps?

Any words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, or general ass-kicking? Thanks, YLF friends!