Hey all! Thanks again for all the supportive, constructive, and thought provoking posts! Again, on the phone so it’s hard to respond individually but I LOVE all the great perspective on this thread.

This morning I had the house to myself, a bit of time on my hands in between commitments, and some cooler temps to do a little trying on. I basically picked two random wardrobe categories to concentrate on: boots and jackets. Result? Two pairs of boots are in the pile to be sold, and three jackets will also be sold, consigned or donated.

The grey leather moto mentioned upthread is staying. The fit and color are good on me — I just need to style it in a throw-on-and-go way. It’s neutral and has just enough edge. I’ve just been neglecting it.

The Zara embroidered bomber is also staying. I love the print and it’s just a great piece. Again, just need to wear it!

The Ted Baker bomber is going. It’s a really nice piece, but it’s a bit stiff for the way I want to wear a bomber. The sleeves are too tight and structured to scrunch, for example. Bombers should be scrunchable, IMHO.

I’m also letting go of a silver faux-leather cropped jacket that I thought would be useful with dresses, but it’s turned out not so much. I think I wore it once.

Also going, a 12 year old Theory tweed and leather moto that is adorable but I haven’t worn in probably a decade except for maybe once or twice.

Im going to sell two pairs of very nice boots because one is not comfortable anymore and the other feels too blingy for my current style.


That is great! Well done.

I know I sometimes feel ridiculous that I have to get so granular on the “ what’s wrong” feature when I’m trying on something and it seems to look good, but I am so perplexed about it. Then it just hits me, like your sleeve- scrunching , or that I can never layer over something or the legs pouf out funny or whatever. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I need these reasons other than I just generally don’t like it, but it’s usually not that. Many times honing in on the reason does help me to look out for those issues more carefully in new purchases.


Good decisions, and well done! Please carry on

Unfrumped, I’m learning to pay more attention to those *little* details that push a formerly-loved item into orphanhood! The Theory jacket is so good-looking, but it’s just not as great a fit for my style now as it maybe once was. To compound the issue, it’s *very* cropped in the back, in a way that I don’t think works well on me. I kept it in the holding zone for years, then put it back in my closet…and proceeded to never wear it. Byeeeee! LOL