You look really fab! Way to rock the neckerchief.

Oh, yes, definitely a hip look. You wear a bandana so well, Joy, and I love your take on the inspiration photo (even though I guess it's technically, the ROG's take on it--ha ha!).

Wow, wow, wow! Joy, you beat the model inspiration photo by miles. I was blown away by photo #1 and you put it all together beautifully.

Joy, you are just too cool. So glad I saw this!

You are the hip beat poet personified. YLF!

I'm checking out all these neckerchief posts.
Joy, this is such a great look!

I agree with Brooklyn...just too cool! Love this Joy. You always nail the trends and ensembles featured on the blog...kudos to you.

Good grief Joy!!! Good thing I was sitting. I looked up some neckerchief threads and seeing you just made me scream (in my head) "copy copy quick". Wow! My favourite outfit on you ever.

Joy, I think I'm going to make you my new style icon! Wow! Each outfit you post is more incredible and more hip than the last. I always look forward to your posts. You have an amazing closet. You also have the best luck with the ROG of anyone I have seen!

You know how to make your jeans extra stylish. I also love and get inspiration from your outfits.

Whoa, stunning look, Joy! Absolutely adore this on you. Wear it often,