I've ordered a whole bunch of stuff from NAS and think I've had pretty good luck so far. I'm still waiting on a few things (including the Halogen boucle moto jacket) and haven't gotten a chance to get pictures of some others, but here are my keeps and possibles so far. Would love any comments! Also hope some of this is helpful to anyone thinking about some of these items. All of the tops are petites, by the way, if that helps to visualize the fit.

First up are Team Wear items. I've already worn these blue and black flats to work. (#1) I love the color and the elastic band detail, and they're that just-right mix of a little different, but still easily wearable for me. I also already wore this basic t-shirt (something I'm really lacking) over the weekend. (#2)

#3 is the famous flowered sweater. Really like it and think it will be a nice, low-effort piece to wear with neutral bottoms. I think it even goes with this dark purple skirt I happened to have on the day it came.

#4 is a black and white peacock-print blouse. It looks like a nice, versatile piece, I like the print and the fit, and I'm pretty much lacking in woven tops, so pretty sure I'm keeping.

#5 isn't a great picture, but it's the cashmere tunic. I love the color (obviously) and the soft, soft cashmere. But it's a lot of money for me for a sweater, and I'm not 100 % decided on it. I'm actually kind of wondering whether, since I've apparently decided to splurge on a sweater, whether I should look at some of the higher range ones in the Angie picks and get something that may be even better and more unique. Wasn't this Pure Amici one supposed to be surprisingly good on large-busted petites?

#6 is Sam Edelman Pacific booties. I wear a lot of black boots in cold weather and kind of like the idea of a more refined pair of flat booties to add to the mix. These would be good for both work and casual and would be especially nice as a do-everything shoe for travel. They're comfy and a good fit, neither flowerpot-ish nor tight, and the metal is warm and muted, which is my favorite and rare with black boots. But I'm kind of wondering, like the tunic, if I should really go whole hog and consider upping my price range so I can get something potentially awesome, rather than just something nice.

#7 is a potential replacement for my old black clutch (old one is on the right). I'm kind of sick of the giant bow and think the more streamlined shape of the new one is an improvement and the cutouts are fun without being too busy.

I've already sent back a few things, including the Zella city shorts (hit below my knees and looked really frumpy, even for ultra-casual wear) and the Pleione split-neck top (liked the one in #4 better for the same basic idea). And, as I mentioned, I have a few more potential keeps and a few more on the way. Am also toying with making another order if there's something really calling me.

Oh, and I forgot, but I've also bought and worn these gray earrings.

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