I felt pretty confident about most of my NAS purchases. But there are a few that I'm not so sure about and I could use your help!

First, the Angie Pick Aquatalia Sweetie boot. This is actually my SECOND try with these beauties. I bought last year's version, the "Ora" (which appears virtually identical to me) -- and brought them all the way back to Canada -- only to return them as an unnecessary extravagance. I had managed to locate two pairs of knee high boots that fit, one dressy and one more casual -- an amazing achievement considering my short and slightly narrow calves -- and I thought those would fill the boot hole all on their own.

It must have been some time in January when I realized how much I could use a more casual, weatherproof, easy-on/ easy-off boot. I mean, I don't just want one. I NEED one. Sometimes, fussing with zippers when you come in the door just isn't fun. And sometimes you want your pants to be the star of the show, not your boots. Knee highs call attention to themselves.

Yes, I have my snow boots. But ...yeah. Those are snow boots! (In other words, they're gear). And when it isn't downright snowy, I'd like a non-gear boot that is still casual enough for every day and lets me get in and out quickly.

So, here they are again.

I got these boots in the larger of my two sizes, as I often do with casual boots -- so that I can fit an insole or a thicker sock. They're comfortable, so that's not an issue. The workmanship and quality is great.

The problem is...I think they look a bit odd on me. It's probably because my calves are so short. I feel as if they cut me off at an unflattering place. It's a proportion thing. So I wonder whether I might do better to hunt for a waterproof casual bootie instead of a mid-calf boot? Then again, a sweet in the hand is worth two in the bush. Who knows if I will find such a bootie?

The other issue: They are black. With my light hair, do I really want another pair of black boots? I already have black knee high boots. These are by far my most worn knee high boots -- but that is less on account of their colour and more due to their level of formality -- they're neither super dressy nor super casual. I also have black booties and ink booties.

Here they are with skinnies (pic 1), boyfriends (pic 2), from the side with skinnies (pic 3) and last year's version (Oro) and this year's (Sweetie) going toe to toe in a close up.

If you made it all this way, I'd love your thoughts.

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