Well I am glad that is all decided so I can just admire. I have a feeling they will be a workhorse for you Suz!

unfrumped, yes -- they are meant to look a bit like a moto boot. That's the inspiration for the design, I'm sure.

Joyce, that is interesting about the stains. And unfortunate! I also wondered if the toe was rounder this year?! But when I look at the online photo it does not seem so. Still, I remember that I immediately liked last year's toe -- and wasn't sure about this year's -- so I suspect you might be right. I'll be curious to know what you decide.

Karie -- that's right. You'rs still super observant, though!

Marley -- in my life, there's no such thing as an "indoor fashion boot." I don't wear boots indoors, period.

Seriously...I work at home. My indoor life is pretty much led in slippers!!

(Okay, occasionally I might go to the grocery store, the dentist, out to lunch or to the theatre and keep my boots on. But if I go to somebody else's house I'd be taking them off. Just as I would take them off at home.)

Because when I do go out, I go out on foot -- walking. I live in a snowy, icy, slushy, cold climate. We have winter from the start of November until the end of April. (Different levels of winter -- but believe me, it's all winter!) That means that in inclement weather (i.e. most weather where I live) my boots get pretty yucky. Meaning nobody wants me tramping into their house wearing them -- least of all me!

Fashion booties are my go-to from September until whenever the snow starts to fly -- some time in early December (if we're lucky). From then on, it's boots all the way until the end of March (or later).

SNOW boots are Sorels or Kamiks. Boots that take serious serious snow and -40C temperatures. Those are for deep winter.

So the Sweeties are, I guess what you might call OUTDOOR "fashion" boots of a sort to the likes of me. You know, for those days when it is not actively snowing, the sidewalks have been plowed, it's not seriously icy or slushy, but it might snow or sleet or rain while I am outdoors. And when I want to look okay, and not like I am wearing actual gear.

Does that make any sense? I suspect it's like talking another language....

Beth Ann, you're right. And Alana, who knows if they are "in." But if the shoe works....

They look great on you and will be practical for your weather! I am glad you decided to keep.

"Outdoor fashion" boots makes total sense to me, Suz; it's what you wear when you need just a bit of protection from the elements; real winter, on the other hand, tosses fashion out the window because your only concern is staying warm, dry, and upright when you walk outside your house. "Outdoor fashion" boots are our chance to wear "normal" winter boots.

These boots will fill that niche, Suz, as long as they thrill your "fashion" side as much as your practical side. They are a bit different than your regular style, which might be making you pause, but the fact that you are drawn enough to order them a second time speaks volumes. I'd say give them a chance to make you happy this winter.

Logging in quickly to say you MUST keep! Love! I added a Frye pair of similar height a couple years ago and they actually got more wear than my tall boots that year. So versatile. You will love them. Keep for sure!!!

Love them on you. I wanted to try them on but they look too similar to my Frye Veronica slouch.

The outdoor fashion boot description makes so much sense to me, Suz. And I'm glad you are keeping the Sweeties. I love them on you. Yes, they aren't the most streamlined boots, but that's part of their appeal. I like that they have a moto boot vibe, but the quilting makes it more refined and dressy casual, if you know what I mean. Moto-inspired boots have that slightly bulkier look, and I really like that. Works great with heavier Winter coats and trousers and jeans. They look great with your jeans tucked in, and they will look great with your black trousers too (I also loved how last year's boots looked with the skirt, so I've no doubt you can wear the Sweeties with skirts and dresses too).

I think you have just got yourself a super versatile pair of boots! (and you are going to love being able to switch between knee-high and calf-length boots. Yay for variety during the long Winter)

Oh wow - I think I get it! Outdoor fashion boots - perfect! I had never thought about those in-between winter days when its not seriously snowing and blowing - but, its not dry sidewalks, streets, etc. either! I know that I am so "pampered" living in So Cal - when I stayed with my mom (who lives in the mid-west) last winter for 3 months I was completely clueless as to how to dress my feet - both indoors and outdoors! These boots make complete sense to me now Suz - glad you're giving them a whirl! (But, really glad that I don't need to worry my pretty little head about how to survive such extreme weather conditions!)

Suz, I really like these boots on you! I don't think there's anything off about the proportions or where the boots hit your calves. You were able to create a longer leg line with these, particularly with the black bottoms. I like them - gives your look a casual and slightly tough vibe!

Late to the party. :). Sounds like you decided to keep them, and I am sure hey will be workhorses for you.

Ha, Marley, some time I will come to So. Cal and learn the ins and outs of fashion there. I hope!! Ah, what bliss to be able to decide on footwear based purely on your outfit -- rather than the other way around.

Thanks for the kind words, all -- I'll keep 'em and see if I can make them work.

I think they look great on you and the proportions are good. I hope mine look that good on me.

I like these and vote keep. In your climate I don't think one can go wrong with lots of boots and even duplicating colors (tall black, short black, bootie black, etc). While there are always colors, I have noticed that far too often the best made boots that are stylish and truly can handle poor weather, only come in black or brown. And I don't mind the midshaft height. I think it's refreshing from a short boot and a tall boot. Plus mid height should also work with a bootcut jean over it, and/or a boyfriend jean tucked into it.

Ok, so I confess to thinking they looked like, um, weatherproof boots. Haha. But they are weatherproof boots. So now everything is right and proper in my mind. Definitely hot.

I'm super late here but am glad you're keeping them. They look better than last year's model. Last year's did not fit as well in the calf.

Wishing I had use for something like this… wait… maybe I do!?

No No No… Short winters … NO!

I'm also glad that you are keeping them. We have mostly outdoor fashion boot weather where boots for some sort also help provide warmth. Maybe I should be looking into this length rather than knee high?

Joy, if you wear a lot of pants or jeans in the winter, this length might be an easier fit for you than knee length -- it doesn't matter so much if your calf is slim because they can't fit tight in the first place. I guess they might look fun with a mini skirt but you and I are unlikely to wear that, so they are basically a pant boot. If that is okay with you -- why don't you order them to see? At the sale price they are a superb bargain, no question.