Gracie, thanks! The colour is probably between the Nordstrom's photo and mine. Not quite as bright / light as in their pic but not quite as dark as in mine. And yes, those are zippers on the sweater -- they help it drape well.

Marianna, thank you! I hope you like it when it comes!

Thanks, Debbie and Lisa!

Great picks, Suz! The shirt looks so great with your blazer and taupe sandals! You are stunning in taupe. Or I should say you do know your colors, because everything here is so flattering on you. To me, the tops do not look revealing in the photos, but I know the crossover styles can feel or be more revealing in real life, in movement.
I'm laughing at the image of you leaving your old bra behind as you head back for the border.

Late to the party ..... but wow .. you got some stunner pieces there. Pic 2 is out of the world! And if Suz thinks it's a keep, she can't possibly be wrong

Late to the party but you found some fantastic items Suz. I love the taupe blouse and the mixed media in the berry color especially. Look how great that blouse looks with your taupe blazer - just perfection! Fun reading about your experience too.