Well, it's not as fun as shopping with Sveta. THAT was an experience not to be missed. This was a little different. Trying on bras in the bathroom of the lumber supply is not the same as trying on boots in Nordstrom's Customer Service area!

I will spare you the bathroom shots. You don't what to know what the bathroom of the Wellesley Island Building supply looks like.

The good news: I seem to have become a savvy online shopper. Everything fit. Even the undies and bras! I sent one back because it wasn't quite as nice on me as the others...but honestly, if I hadn't been comparing styles, it would have seemed fine!

The bad news: Everything fit and most of it is a clear "yes." Which means my credit card is smoking hot right now! Oh...and I'm not done yet. There are more items to come in orders that have not arrived yet. (Mona and I have a trip planned together to pick up these.)

Ah well. In my defence, I found an uncashed cheque yesterday! Yes! Found money.

First up, a no brainer, the Angie pick Hinge cotton double face shirt. Great palette for me, nice weight -- this will be a year round shirt. And look how it coordinates with my taupe suit!

Next, the Kenneth Cole cotton blend zippered cardigan. Note: I do not currently own ANY cardigans. This is because I am a jacket girl. In my life outside the home, I far prefer a bit of structure, and if I'm out and about, I will pick a jacket as my topper 9.5 times out of 10.

But the reality is...I work at home. And when I work at home, I like cozy and comfortable. That's why I wore a constant uniform last year of denim with a fluid or oversized pullover. Skinnies and pullover. BFs and pullover. Skinnies and pullover. Yawn....

You see, I loved most of my clothes, but I got a bit tired of wearing what was essentially the same silhouette day in/ day out throughout our long winter. Not to mention the fact that some of my beloved shirts were going unworn. So this year I vowed to get a couple of cardigans. This is the first. It's a keep, I think.

I was a bit worried about the drape on it. But I think I can take it, no? It's a great cotton blend and will be a terrific fall, spring, and cool summer night sweater for me. I could also wear it in deep winter with a warmer layer underneath, e.g. a turtleneck.

Next up, two more keeps -- Pleione mixed media tunics. I've been admiring these on other fabbers for at least three seasons. I actually bought a substitute Vince Camuto one last year, but the quality and fit wasn't the same. I wore it a ton, however and knew I would wear these. I hope I fill them out enough? I was wondering if I should put a little stitch in the V. It looks okay in the pictures but when I look down at myself it seems a bit too open. The colour on the purple one is not quite as dark IRL.

That's it for Round One. Stay tuned for Round Two!

Feel free to tell me I am crazy to keep any of these. And thanks!

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