Great job, Suz. Love the Hinge shirt on you, as well as the cardi. Looks so comfortable. I also love jackets out of the house, but almost never wear them around the house.
The shape of the cardigan is fun and it looks cozy for your working at home capsule.
Like the tunics. I am missing something- what makes them "mixed media"?

The most fun of all is imagining all this high fashion going on in lumber supply house lavatory. The determination of a pro shopper is not to be under-estimated.


Ah, got it, JayS. You just need a generously cut top with fluid fabric vs. a tailored one! Easy peasy. The Pleione tunic won't disappoint in volume! Some people complain that it is wrinkly, which it is, coming out of the bag. But that's rayon. The wrinkles fell out on wearing for half an hour or so.

LisaP, can't WAIT to see your outfits. Wedge Cons and a VC tube skirt are one of my go-to summer combinations!!

Eliza -- they're made of rayon, but mixed knit and woven fabric. Ah, the subtleties, LOL!!!

You scored perfect! You savvy little shopper! The two shirts look great on you. I am smiling about the border interaction. Was your heart beating faster? ;))
So, I have a question. I was reading your comments on E's thread about wardrobe building and core neutrals. Did you keep your neutral colours in mind when ordering these tops? The plum top looks like it is going to go with taupe, no?

I'm so impressed with your smart picks! Really impressed by those Pleione blouses - stunning on you and really classy looking. They are my faves.

I'm no help either because I like it all! And the mixed media tunic is on it's way to me so I'm glad to see it in a pic...I ordered the purple color too. Bit worried though...I dithered too long and S sold out so I ordered M. If it is much oversized it's going to be too big.

I guess the only thing I'm not 100% on is the cardigan. But that's is on my waiting list and not in my own basket because I'm not sure of it. I do like it on you but a bit less in the side view. But in motion I'm sure it's a different story.

Mona, I always keep my core neutrals in mind when I am buying colours. And I only buy specific colours.

My main colour and neutral is blue.

Navy and ink (and denim) act as a neutral for me. But I also wear blues in almost all shades and tones as colours (and I often wear blue with blue or navy with black or grey).

I do vary the blues by season a bit. So in summer I wear cobalt and small amounts of pastel blue (which I don't wear in winter). And in winter I wear teals and more navy and ink.

My other colours are basically the berry family: cranberry, fuchsia, raspberry...and also plums and orchids. Occasionally I will wear a green, particularly in spring/ summer. But I can think of only two green pieces in my wardrobe -- one is a blue and green pattern, and the other is that "Pond" J. Crew sweater, which they describe as a blue. Sort of an aqua, I guess.

Add the rest of my neutrals -- taupe, grey (all cool shades), winter-white and optic white, and that's about it.

Except for black. Black is a colour for me, not a neutral.

BTW, I was fine at the border because I was being pretty honest. I paid some duties -- I might be returning some of what I brought back (and paid for) when I go with you -- and will get my money back in that case! All bras and undies and Pleione tops were duty free!

Fantastic Suz! Love them all, and that cardigan is awesome.

If I've recovered from June by next July, I might just have to fly up and join you and Sveta

About the Pleione top - is that a winter version of the split neck top that I have? If so... oh oh. Becasue it so frigging comfy! Mine is woven in the front and knit in the back.

Nicole, thank you! Glad you like those! Are you going over with Sveta to take my place???? Jealous if you are!!!!

Peri, thanks for your honesty. I think the sweater looks better in motion, yes -- and also I realized after that the photo angle here is a bit wonky. Camera is at hip level making that part of me look bigger and also it is foreshortening me a bit -- I need to fix that.

I think the top MAY work on you if you don't mind oversized, because you have wider shoulders and an actual bust! So you will take up the real estate that I don't. The colour will be stunning on you!! It's also great for your climate.

Elizabeth -- yes. It's the winter version. This is about the third year they have done it and I've been admiring it on GoldenPig, bathtub Debora, and others.

Not making an in person trip to NAS this Someday it will be the right moment. And hope I can do it with a stylish fabber by my side!

Ah! We will get you there next year!!! You two tall ladies have to stick together!!

Ok, now jetlag is my excuse for not reading all the comments, but I just love your new clothes. I was especially struck with why you love taupe so much. #2 is just perfect! I love the new Pleione tops too. As much fun as NAS shopping lists are, the most fun is when everyone models there new goodies - thanks Suz!

Well done Suz! What a perfect match on that Hinge shirt! Wow! I own 2 of the mixed media shirts and love them. I always wear a cami under mine, but a little stitch might work? It's low but not too too low. I never noticed that cardi but it looks fab on you. I'm trying to stay away from drape but this looks like a more structured drape to my eye, which works for the likes of you & me. I swoon over those sandals every time I see them. They are awesome. Well done! I'm making a run for the border this week. Might not have time to try on so will see how it works out in the parking lot. I'm sure my boys will stay home, and I don't like to be out for too long.

This really highlights Angie's point yesterday of shopping more intelligently. Thank you for showing us how it's done

The sweater and burgundy blouse are high charged. If you have to pick... go for those two, I say

Your credit card isn't the only thing smoking hot right now Outfit #2 is absolutely perfect imo - so stylish & so you. Great picks Suz & I'm so glad they all worked for you.

I think the shirt and jacket combo is inspired.

Now I'm tempted by the purple Pleione! I'd need the stitch for sure, though.
Do you find you have to iron the rayon part? I love rayon for coolness and drape--so great for blouses-- and recently bought a rayon blouse, willing to do some ironing but hoping the print allows more of a touch-up approach

Unfrumped....I just picked these Pleoine shirts up at the border. They were SUPER wrinkly in the box. Even though Nordstrom had packed them very nicely with lots of room. So...(confession time) -- I popped on one of my new bras (and threw away the old one). And then changed my old T-shirt (worn to cross the border) for the purple-berry Pleione. This was to avoid duty charges on the items, LOL.

By the time I got to the border crossing (about 20 minutes) the wrinkles had fallen out. I think the warmth of one's body is enough to reduce them. I do think I will iron mine out of the wash, however. I don't mind a bit of ironing.

The patterned (plaid) shirt is by Hinge. It is cotton, but will not show a lot of wrinkles. It was unwrinkled in the box.

Caro, thank you!! Do you know I had no intention of buying a shirt until I saw Angie's picks and saw how well that Hinge shirt would work with my suit jacket?

Thanks, Rachy. Keeping both.

Jackie - smart idea about the cami!! In cooler temps I will do that, too. It was blazing hot here today. If it weren't for YLF I would never have put on a sweater, even a cotton one. As soon as I could I got OUT of these hot jeans and shirts!!

Shevia -- so glad you are home safe. We have been watching news with concern. Can't wait to see more photos from you!

YES to all! Keep, keep, keep, keep and keep the sandal booties too. Great score, and I love your strategy to reduce customs duties. I'll have to remember that one, lol!

ALL so good! I especially love the blazer. If I saw that in a store I would scream your name out loud and scare the other customers. It was made for you.

you look fantastic in #2 and #6! great picks!

Suz, the Hinge shirt is amazing with your taupe suit jacket--wow!
I got a Pleione split neck shirt last year--aren't these shirts wonderfully soft and drapey?! Yours looks absolutely fine, but I know I am more comfortable in mine with a cami.
Terrific haul; can't wait for the sequel.

Wow, you really are an expert on line shopper, these are all FAB! great picks and i'm looking forward to seeing them in action this fall!

Hah! I just checked and the S is available again except backordered until Aug 16th. So I ordered it! If the M works I can cancel the order before it even ships, but if I can tell I would prefer the S it will still be here long before I would need it.

Sneaky little shopper I'm becoming, yes? I'm wondering if Nordstrom is starting to hate me.

OK, I just popped a couple of Pleione blouses in my cart: yellow raisin and coral. Took my usual size. Thanks for the tips, Suz (and for being such a pretty model) and Angie for the picks.

Excellent! You really have honed your online eye and shopping skills. Practice made perfect. That Hinge blouse was made for your Tahari jacket, and thatzippered cardigan is terrific. It is kitty cat hair color or close, isn't it? I ordered the Bamboo Dreams cardigan in the color closest to pug

Nicole, you're going to love those tops -- they're perfect for you.

Peri, that's BRILLIANT!! You scored!! Now you can choose. And, as usual, Angie's right -- I can just hear her: "Keep checking back for your size as the sale goes on!"

Thanks, kkards!

Windchime, the shirts really are lovely and soft. Comfort clothes, LOL!

Traci, thank you -- that made me smile. The blazer is not from NAS. It was a purchase made at the Boston meetup, thanks to Sveta, who forced me to try it on!

Claire, thank you! And I'm glad you won't turn me in to the authorities. Yikes. I did pay a hefty chunk for my other items. But enough is enough!

LOL, pil. Max is more taupe than grey, but hey....he coordinates with my Hinge shirt, anyway...

Kudos to smart shopping and great picks for your first round. I like all of these on you for both fit and colors.
#1-I saw this in person and thought of you, so glad you picked it up and it pairs brilliantly with your suit.
#3-What a fun cozy cardigan, I have to look away because it looks so tempting to try but I do NOT need a new cardigan.
#4 and #5-Good colors here and a staple looking piece. And a softer vibe than a button down shirt.
So far your NAS is off to a good start!

Love everything! The colors are great on you!

I just ordered that KC sweater after seeing it on you! You're a good model.

All very smart and beautiful picks! My favorite is the Pleione top in the purple color. Is it purple or more of a berry color? It looks fantastic on you. The sweater is fab too, a nice change of silhouette for you, I really like the detail of the angled lines (zippers?) meeting at the center. Waiting for chapter 2.