Thank you for all your help so far with my NAS-related questions. You must have thought we would never get to the end of this saga! But I believe today's is the final chapter.

So. Get your cups of tea. Settle in your chairs. Prepare for a long set of questions. Here we go!

Another item that met with some dissension from the fitting room floor was the striped Pleione wrap blouse. Some felt the cut or the pattern or all of the above were overwhelming for me. (Pics 1 and 2).

Well, I love the style for me, full stop. I need to ensure the V of the neckline on tops like this gives enough coverage, but as long as it does, I think the cut suits me, and it feels good. So let's put that out of the equation, please. It might not be everyone's cup of tea. (If you don't like loose fits, look away!) But to my eye, that aspect works, and I'm not worried about it.

But let's consider the actual wearability for my life. Sveta, who saw it in person, liked it. And we all know how great her judgement is!

Despite that, I worried that the stripes' contrast might be too high for my low-contrast colouring. But because I liked it, I brought it home to experiment. It can be returned at some point. Tags are still on.

Here are a few potential stylings. And Sveta, please give me a break on the colour thing. Most of my bottoms are denim or black! Unless I keep that cobalt skirt, of course!

Pic 3: showing volume with volume (Leith track pants).
Pic 4: Tucked with a pencil skirt (and Pliner booties).
Pic 5: Worn with Theory moto skinnies.

What do you think? If I keep this blouse it will replace a black button down with puffy sleeves that I do not care for any more.

Next, we return to footwear. This time, we're looking at the Aquatalia quilted moto boots. These boots, if you recall, got very mixed reviews from the fitting room. Most people felt that they did not work so well for me. (Pics 1 and 2)

But the comfort -- as well as the refinement -- plus the fact that I was striking out with waterproof knee-high boots and I NEED boots -- persuaded me to bring them home to try with outfits, just to be sure. (I can always return on my next trip to the US if they aren't right.)

In Pic 6, Here they are with my black Theory moto skinnies tucked in. I have lightened the photo up so you can see a bit better. (Pic 7).

Pic 8 -9: With a skirt and sheer hose. Note that I would probably wear with more opaque hose in winter, but I wanted you to be able to see them more clearly here.

In Pic 10 you can see them with dark denim. And then in Pic 11, with lighter denim and a coat (which is how the proportions would usually be seen).

If I keep these, they would replace my Doc Marcies (Pic 12). I am not feeling the Marcie's funky style so much any more, and have never been able to deal with the migrating tongues in those boots, which drive me batty! These boots are admittedly a very different style. But they are both mid-calf boots.

Note: I do not own any other mid-calf boots. But this is a pricey item. Is it practical enough/ versatile enough/ useful enough? I would like to be able to wear it with pants, mostly, but with a skirt in a pinch (especially if I am unable to find tall boots that fit me.)

Also up for review, and not an NAS item, in Pics 8-10 , is this J. Crew foulard print Tippi sweater. I like this sweater a lot; anything with this type of detailing (tipping, contrasting lines) seems to work well on me. But while it technically fits, I wonder if it would look better in a more generous size. Thoughts?

Finally, we come to the big conundrum: the Only Mine dot sweater. You will see it on me and wonder how there could be any question. It lights up my complexion and will obviously work in my wardrobe. (Pics 13-15)

So what is the problem? Well, I got it home and put it on, only to discover a HOLE in the sleeve!!

I am very sad about this. Reordering will be tricky -- it's not like I can just order an item for exchange. So I'm not too sure what I will do.

If I keep or exchange, it will replace this thrifted taupe sweater that was not a great cut or fabrication that I've already put in the donate bag. (Pic 16)

Thus endeth my saga!

If you have come this far, you deserve a prize for shopping valour. Thank you for helping me to think through these purchases and make wise choices!!

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