Emme and I were in the same girl scout troop, back in the day.
And you can follow her on Insta, if you so choose.
That InStyle article is good.

That InStyle piece is great, Carla -- thanks.

And UmmLila -- that's hilarious!!

Thanks for sharing that article - it nails the prejudice out there in the market and in opinions.

I hope you are doing okay Kari- I imagine these threads feel worthwhile on one hand and so challenging and difficult on the other.

I haven't been posting on YLF for a long time (but I recognize some names....and hope you are well!) but came here specifically after checking out the Nordstrom A Sale preview.
I put one item in my wish list. ONE. And it is a jacket in a style I already have in a different shade. There is nothing else desirable for Plus. No career tops or skirts (or non black pants!).
As a career retailer, I know how tough the business is. Trust me. However Nordstrom has been eliminating plus in brick and mortar stores for a couple of years. And now my own dept store chain is set to eliminate with petites or plus in a large percent of stores. We can't figure out why - sales are equally good in both arras.

Thank you Kari for calling this out. As lines switch to a supposedly extended size format, the options will become worse and worse. So the market will dry up. It is very bad for long range business scenarios.

I had a long post about sexism and fatphobia but it's just too upsetting. So I'll just say I agree with Kari and completely disagree that there's not a market for large size fashionable clothes.

I didn't really look that hard at NAS offerings, but it's really a shame that Nordstrom, and many other shops, ignore such a big potential market- both petite and plus.

But- I just saw that Peruvian Connection is now offering some things in 2x, so it's a start.