I thought this would be another super fun thread. I find everyone's WIW posts fascinating and so helpful in my style journey. There are really too many to name everyone and I am thankful for everyone here at YLF because I have learned so much from all of you. But Sona's style twin thread got me thinking, and wondering who you all feel a kinship to and are most inspired by on YLF?

So, please tell (you can name one, or up to three people in each category):
1. Who is your style twin--who dresses the most like you, and why?
2. Who is your style idol--whose style do you aspire to/who do you consider to be your style mentor?
3. Who are you curious about and would like to see post more WIW's?
4. Who has a style very different from yours but who you find fascinating?

Here are my answers:
1. MaryK--patterns, bright colors, ALGO, blouses & pencil skirts, bombshell; Sona--both apples and doctor moms; Kari--bright colors and patterns, specs
2. MaryK--I totally want to copy everything she wears, even her bee blouse :); lyn*--I love her style and seeing her posts convinced me to join YLF!; and Angie--of course
3. Fruitful (ever since she posted herself in a plaid mini like mine!), Hillview (I dragged her over here from my mommy board and she's even more of a shopper than I am...I know she's got some fabulous stuff in her closet!), and ironkurtin (she posts/repies a lot and is quite insightful, but I never see her post her own WIW's!)
4. Annagybe, alaskagirl, and Andrea Wheatley--I'm fascinated by RATE queens since I'm so polished (ever since I tried Una's RATE challenge)!

Looking forward to seeing who else you all come up with!