Big smile. First off you look glorious with your early morning yoga glow and I think it is sublime to practice in front of a bit window as the sun comes up. Secondly, I am delighted to know I am not the only early morning riser who works out before dawn .

Gorgeous - you, outfits and views of Seattle!
I need a coffee cup and some bread and cheese before I can function properly ( not a morning person of course ).

haha, Angie, at first I did not recognize your without glasses! You look radiant for having rolled out of bed so early (I would look like a ghost ). Useless to say, your yoga capsule is beautiful. I admire your constance in exercizing at home. And what beautiful skies you have up there.

Sounds like a wonderful start to the morning. I wish I looked that good in the morning. Great views too.

Love your space dye tops. Space dye is one of my faves. Ombré, space dye, dark floral. My top 3

What a great start to your day! I’ve continued to support my yoga instructor; as a small business owner she really counts on her students continuing. I’m so fortunate that she pivoted to on line zoom classes. She said she lost nearly half of her clients in Covid and she is working so hard to add value by bringing in speakers, guided meditation, extra readings. And every class she records and adds to an on line library and provides access to all of those to continuing students. She’s the only instructor in her small studio. Of course it would be cost prohibitive to pay for a daily class! But I only do a full hour of yoga two days, then Pilates, run, cardio kick, weights and walk other days. I’ve also maintained my YMCA membership and while they are open I don’t go in but they now provide free online classes where I do the Pilates and cardio kick. They too have lost tons of members. For me it is so important to continue to support my local institutions

Wow that view is amazing! I'm up at 6 too but that is so I have time for a cup of coffee before I have to leave for work. I'd love to get into the habit of morning exercise but the thought of getting up earlier holds me back.

Lovely! If I had that view I’d drag myself out of bed for the sunrise too.

You look so fab in all of your yoga outfits! But OMG practising before dawn??? I always admired the "morning persons", I am not even alive at that early hour but that gorgeous view of your window as the sun rises up and a loft yorkie:-) would surely help! So, may I ask when are "morning people" going to bed? Do you use shadows for more privacy and/or achieving perfect darkness earlier for your night sleep? Just I need full darkness for a good sleep and I hate eye masks:-(.

These photos make me smile. You and the colors and the sun rise, lovely. Does Sam sleep though your yoga or try to join you? Maggie would be wanting to go out and bringing toys.

I really enjoy these peaks into your life Angie. What a beautiful view and ummm what is your secret to aging backwards.

Well this is a beautiful Yoga Angie Capsule. I'm sorry about your back it is a real serious thing to recover from.

I must say that Yoga has profoundly changed and bonded Zi'Joy and I. I have been doing yoga for years and Zi'joy has as well. It has made such a big difference in her recovery. She did the downward dog pose when she first started to move again.

Your capsule has inspired me. I need to find some brights in my workout gear capsule at least the tops.

Inspiring! A perfect way to start the day. But something is missing. Could it be...pearls?

I appreciate the kind words. Thank you!

Xtabay, HAH!

Joy, Sam is asleep with Greg when I practice yoga. But sometimes he helps out and shows me the BEST down dog.

Ledonna, I can believe it! Yoga is the best thing for body, mind and spirit. It makes me a better person. How beautiful that you and your daughter practice together. LOVE that.


Lyn67, I go to bed late too. 11.00pm or 11.30pm is normal. I also need darkness to sleep.

You look yogalicious in those colors and thank you and suntiger for the app recommendation so I can take a closer look at the yoga app. Your surroundings are such a beautiful way to start the day as is your hopeful mindset and I’m pleased to hear you’re doing much better after the troublesome fall. Onward, downward dog. xo

Now that is a work-out wear capsule that would make me happy just looking at it (and the sweater with the horse: amazing!!). The citron mat alone would make me smile (as would that stunning view). I'm so glad you have recovered from your back injury, Angie, I know you missed your yoga sessions so much. xxx

Angie, are you in Pioneer square? For some reason I envisioned you further north or east. IDK why, probably because we always met up with you in those areas.

Good for you getting on with your workouts. I struggle to get it in because I do not like to change my clothes in the middle of the day (and child care precludes me from doing it at the beginning or end of my day).

I see you do yours in the morning! I had ideas of doing mine first thing, but my sleep hygiene is quite terrible lately (partly, not completely, due to a toddler who does seem to be a bit of a night owl like her mama). I get my best sleep after 7am. )-:

Vicki and Inge, how gracious and sweet you both are. Thank you

Jenava, not Pioneer Square. I'm in Belltown, and on the Queen Anne and Sculpture Park side. Love it!

I hear you on not liking to change into workout wear during the day. I can't do it. I need to be out of gear by 7.30am. Maybe you can workout when the babes are asleep at night?

This is such a delightful capsule. I especially love how the turquoise top matches your blue eyes! Love the view from your home, too. I'm dreaming of living in an area like that, someday.

I love your collection of colorful yoga gear. Yoga is wonderful and really helps with flexibility- I’m glad you are able to return to it after your injury!

Love all the yoga outfits! What determination to stick with your PT for a solid year. I would be very interested in what kind of back injury you had and what exercises you feel helped you the most. Fellow back problem person here. Great views too.

Thanks so much!

Lynn, they were VERY specific exercises that changed over the year to help with twisting, pain and strengthening my core. It took me 40 mins a day to do them, which I did religiously 5 times a week. AND saw a very competent physiotherapist for an hour every two weeks. At the start I saw her twice a week. With PT, you get bak what you put in.