Hi all! Reading Style Fan's great analysis of her current closet and goals, I remembered that I had also quickly followed up on Janet's link to Unfancy and done the exercise.

Like Ginger, I quickly learned something. The first question is wonderful for helping one determine what one is actually wearing (assuming one keeps count or at least has an accurate memory). But right away I could see that for me, this is totally seasonal. What I'm wearing a lot this month is not what I would have been wearing all the time in September, or June.

In other words, I have to do a seasonal version whenever the weather changes significantly. Which for me is approximately every 2 months.

So, with that in mind, here are my answers so far:

Pieces I own and love to wear (winter version)

  • CoH slim crop jeans
  • J. Crew cashmere tee/ simple merino tee (several colours)
  • Reiss navy blazer
  • Zara navy turtleneck
  • Pure Amici cashmere cardigan
  • La Canadienne boots
  • J. Crew culottes
  • Watch, statement ring, cool belt
  • Bright wool coats (red and lilac)
  • Navy military style pea coat (though very worn out now)

Pieces I wear constantly because they work for the weather/ walking

  • Puffer coat (but I don’t love it — this is practical only
  • Snow boots (ditto -- don't love, just tolerate)
  • Aquatalia moto boots (do love but they are quite worn down now)

What works for me:

  • Slim jeans by CoH and slim BF jeans by Rag and Bone (so far my favourite brands)
  • Navy
  • Bright colour knits/ key neutral knits
  • J. Crew
  • Zara for fun additions and to fill holes
  • A trendy pant style
  • Clothes that feel up to date yet are practical enough for my actual life
  • Cashmere knits in winter
  • Weather proof but still good looking and comfortable footwear
  • Cool belts

Pieces I own but never (or almost never) wear

  • J. Crew A line silk skirt
  • Halogen seamed pencil skirt
  • Theory wide leg trousers
  • Leggings
  • Rag and Bone gilet . (sigh!)
  • London Fog knee length black trench
  • Suit trousers

What’s Not Working?

  • Clothes that I can’t style in ways that don’t feel “prissy” or too ladylike (A line skirt)
  • Clothes in the wrong fabric weight for my life. (A line skirt, trench)
  • “Stiff” feeling clothes — clothes that restrict my movement too much like a non-knit pencil skirt (Halogen skirt)
  • Clothes that will get wet on the ground. (Theory trousers)
  • Clothes that are a bit too snug for current weight. (Halogen skirt)
  • Leggings. Leggings. Leggings will never work.
  • Clothes that I adore but that don’t fit easily into my casual life (suit trousers, gilet).

Pie chart: How much time do I spend …

Waking hours in week (approx): 112

At gym/ exercising — 10-12 hours a week.

At home working/ reading etc. 70-80 hours

Meeting friends out of the home — 3- 10 hours (varies)

Teaching etc. — average of 2 (some weeks many more, some weeks none)

Shopping/ errands, etc. — 3-6 hours (varies)

But…I also have trips, dinners out, etc

Still, the vast bulk of my wardrobe should be work from home. And I should probably have a work from home uniform to reflect this in some way. Or perhaps I should just wear loungewear at home to save money. Yet I resist it. Why??

Special Events and Trips coming up this season:

  • 3 days in Toronto, visiting museums, friends, shopping, research
  • 2 weeks in Victoria area for retreat & teaching (in March, so spring-ish there if not here)
  • Meetings with students
  • Public reading in February

Do I have clothes for each trip/ event? Yes.

Can I use what I have? Yes.

Do I need something more appropriate? No. I can work it out of what I have.


It’s cold, it snows, it’s windy, and it’s damp. I need a really good puffer coat.

I need #$(%* good boots.

I need scarves, mitts, hats.

I am outdoors for at least an hour on most days. My clothing should reflect this.

Word Association

  • Modern
  • Practical
  • Simple
  • Classic
  • Strong
  • Playful
  • Vivid
  • Polished
  • Precise

Phew! That was long. I don't know if it will be useful to anyone else but I'm all ears if you have comments or observations or if you want to add your own reflections.

Some of my winning pieces below.