I've been thinking I need more cashmere in my life...

I hear you on "stiff" fabrics. I am willing to wear these to the office but not at home. Have you tried loose knit dresses on your work from home days? I am not into leggings either but I would be all over leggings plus knee length knit dress at home if I had the climate for it. Comfy and chic.

Fabulous assessment. These types of assessments are so useful!!! I do think you need an at-home work capsule. Loungewear will not work because it may adversely affect your mindset and you might be less productive. You can also signal the end of your work day by changing from your at-home work capsule into actual lounge wear. Ta da -- your work day is ended!!!

I haven't had time to read all the comments, but will be back later today. I'll have additional comments then.

I am sorry about the gilet. Perhaps you will wear it when your winter ends?????

When your weather warms up, I am sure that you will get the wear out of the gilet. It looks great with a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans (as demonstrated by Mary Orton in the picture) and is just the perfect item to make a simple outfit look great.

As for stay at home uniforms it is tricky if you want variety. Personally I love variety and will dress up for any non-occasion, so I was a bit like Sheila and dressing up even if it meant that I was at home in front of the computer when working from home. Now my job has changed and I am back in an office environment and loving the formality of it. I always imagined that being able to "suit myself" would be utopia, but I found that being able to be perpetually casual was frustrating and I longed to wear clothes that I loved rather than clothes that were practical. The unicorn is to find items that are practical and that you love.

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Bijou, you are so right. That's exactly it. How difficult it can be to find items that are lovable and practical at the same time. And once you find them, if you wear them constantly, the boredom factor sneaks in. Hmmm.

Yet I wonder if Sterling and Jenn have a good idea here -- a dedicated at home work capsule more distinct from regular casual and lounge wear. The thing is...my life is not so distinct. It is hard to tell when I am working and when I am not. A writer's life is that way. Something might be turning in my mind while I'm dealing with cooking (or not); I might actually be on YLF when I am at the desk. The type of work I do is never "off" in a way. I really don't stope at the end of a day....I only stop to do some other kind of work (or sometimes play). Hmmm. Must mull on this some more.

Brooklyn, I did try a loose knit dress and I quite liked it for the change it offered. But I wore it with tights (since I hate leggings, LOL) and my kitty kept putting runs in those. Hmmm. It is a thought though that a dress and a more substantial tight or legging might work. I will keep an eye out.

I adore analysis posts and I do this all the time on my blog. For this year, I've wanted to go a little softer with my winter capsule, so I've been wearing and looking at sweaters more than blazers this season. I'm still thinking about what I want to do for my spring/summer capsule this year. Last year I did a core of black and DH said it looked too dark on me. Maybe blue? I haven't figured that out yet.

I'm with you on the leggings. I find them uncomfortable and suffocating, which seems like the opposite of what they're supposed to be! I love my Rag and Bone skinny boyfriend jeans. I have 2 identical pairs and wear them to death. The cut and wash are so flattering and I haven't been able to find another pair that comes close!

As for the gilet not getting any wear, I had a feeling when people climbed aboard the gilet train that Angie might be the only one getting off at the last stop. I hope you find a way to use it.

Chiming back in ... I have been in the same boat with defining a uniform (and I mean uniform) that is my work from home/errand running capsule. I only wear black, gray with small touches of white, so that immediately gives me tight cohesion. I took time to explore a number of factors (comfort, style quotient, emotional lift, etc.). I landed on "Urban Sporty Luxe" for spring/summer/fall and it worked really well. For winter I wanted even more cozy comfort and I love knitwear. Cashmere, wraps and long cardigans are key elements and I'm calling the look "Comfort Minimalism." These knits are paired with fleece lined leggings (not thrilled about) and skinny jeans. Perhaps we need a new thread on this type of capsule?

It's a shame the vest isn't getting more wear, but it's a weird piece for seasonal reasons. I passed on it because it's quite substantial and *feels* like a winter piece to me, but it's tough to wear it with a coat over it. By the time the weather is warm enough to not need a coat over it, it seems too warm for such a substantial vest. At least that was my feeling about it. However, I can see the potential for you to figure out how to make it work for you.

Janet, that is the problem exactly with the gilet. I did work out that I'd wear it more if I had a belted coat of the same length or a man-coat of that length (which I don't). But I am planning to move to a more temperate climate within the next year and a half, and I am certain it will get more wear then. I decided that at that point, I'll get a midi-length trench to wear over it and it will be perfect for the climate even in winter. I also absolutely love it as a "presentation" outfit maker, so it is worth it for me for that reason alone. Even if I only wear it three times a year. Sort of like my cocktail dresses. I rarely put them on, but wow, am I glad I have them.

AM -- your capsule sounds great! I think a thread on this topic would be wonderful -- go for it!

High five Anne on the Rag and Bone jeans!

Lisa, how about grey (which looks great on you) or blue? Or taupe?

I hear you on the leggings. After never having owned any(!), I tried on TONS and bought a pair during NAS -- which I have worn exactly once. I like my ponte pants better, but they don't get worn much either. I think it's three things: First, I can't get the proportions to work with my body. Second, all that spandex clinginess feels clammy. Third, it is too body con for my personal taste, especially on my lower body.

BTW, the Yummie brand which has a fairly high waist does not slither down on me, should you ever develop a hankering to try leggings once again.

Donna, keep me away from the things!! I keep trying and failing and have spent too much money on it already! But misery loves company so I am sort of glad to hear your tale. Our body types are pretty similar I think...hmmm.

@suz, I hear you on the work tempo. You're a knowledge worker so to speak. When I work from home (about the same frequency that you do) I don't sit at a desk unless I need "the big computer" or two computers for efficiency. Otherwise I mull while gardening, read journals sprawled on the couch, have conference calls while cooking. My "working" hours can go from 6am to 10p where I am "off" from 9-6.

Unlike you, I has got the sloppy style end. Leggings (love the tight second skin fit, comforting), long sleeve thermal top and a dated cashmere sweater. Ok who am I kidding--a holey hoodie or a fleecy robe. While I love the comfort, I want something that can transition to an emergency dash outside the house without stopping to "make myself presentable" or scaring small children and dogs but still be super comfy.


Haha, so true, "misery loves company"! I hear you on the leggings Suz and DonnaF!:-) I tried TONS of them but they never felt right on my shapely thighs, muscular calves, a longish torso and... a flat back:-((.

Foggy , but still remember all the "try and error"s around the dreaded butt vest:-).

I'm agreeing with Gaylene. We spend a lot of time in our at home clothes so they need to be as satisfying as all our other clothes.

I seem to be moving away from discrete casual capsules either for at home or going out. All my tracking has made me realise that my at home clothes were not up to scratch Even though I may not be intending to go out I want to be ready to walk out the door without changing my clothes.

Such an interesting thread! I love your breakdown of your seasonal capsule. I'm catching up and haven't been through it in detail yet, but here are a few thoughts.

I had a look at the original Unfancy post. It's a good starting point, we should all be asking ourselves some version of these questions, so I had a go myself:

Pieces I own and love to wear: Too numerous to mention.

Pieces I wear constantly because they work for the weather/ walking: Coats, hats, shoes. Woolly jumpers, pants, jackets, waterproofs, scarves, gloves...

What works for me: All kinds of things. What am I doing and where am I going? I’m pretty sure I can come up with an outfit.

Pieces I own but never (or almost never) wear: Trophy pieces. The Special Occasion Capsule. Blazers. Not getting rid of them, no no no.

What’s Not Working?: Ah, now there’s the question….

I totally get that it works for some people, but it's a massive oversimplification of a complicated problem. I wish we had a better way of talking about the complexity of the roles we play and the visual languages at work. Sigh.

Ranting aside, I recognise your problems with the vest. I have a few similarly troublesome pieces of my own. Short season in which to wear it, limited opportunities etc. I've made peace with them because I love them and I try to make sure I wear them a few times a year. That said, it could be one of those pieces that takes a while to find its niche. Question: will it layer over a skinny blazer or leather jacket in the transitional season?

Off to pick up the "at-home" uniform in AM's thread. Also, what Gaylene said.

Approprio -- the gilet totally layers over a denim jacket, a leather moto jacket, or maybe a blazer. So yes -- it's wearable that way for sure. Once the weather starts to switch.

And you are right -- it's an oversimplified approach. And mostly I already knew what it revealed. But it did reinforce some ideas and force me to confront them, so that's something (maybe?)

Caro, so good to see you!

BJ, Lyn, so glad I am not alone!

Suz: I didn't mean to belittle the process. I'm always slightly envious - and deeply impressed of course - when others can zero in on their own preferences with such clarity. They're great questions. I wish I knew how to answer them without a spreadsheet.