My “shopping ban”, which was supposed to happen alongside
Sterling’s, starting at the beginning of January, was an epic fail. Epic. Although, I did last until about Jan 29. But I'm totally fine with that.

It all started when I gave in to the lust I’d been having over Angie’s black winter Cons. We’d been having a very snow free winter until then, and not only did I love the look of those, they struck me as so darn practical – I like to walk, and she said they were sooo comfortable. And there was ONE pair left in Canada in my size. Haven’t looked back.

Then I went away with my daughter for a weekend, and within 10 min of walking through a mall, came across a pair of Navy boots (navy folks,
yes navy. I have a bit of a hewi issue with navy). One pair left, in my size, 40% off, perfect fit, and Fly London’s no less – which I’d heard such good things about. Ka-ching. Added bonus – with a great pair of socks, they’ve totally brought my cropped jeans back into circulation. I’d been struggling with styling crops with winter footwear. Haven’t looked back.

In searching to see if here were any local sources for the red FS loafers Angie has been looking at, I came across what are probably the perfect silver sandal. You know, the ones I didn’t find last summer. So off I go to try them on (SUPER comfortable), and accidentally tried on these really cool floral combat boots. Totally not needed, but so much fun, and much reduced. Not worn yet (esp the sandals, ha), but no looking back.

Oh, and that darn ink puffer…. Have I mentioned my HEWI
issues with navy??

On another note, I started a clean eating cleansing thing in early January, and am now down about 13 lbs. So my clothes, some of which felt so yucky, are fitting again. I have to admit I haven’t been very interested in styling myself in anything other than “hide this goo” for a few months, which is part of the reason I’ve been pretty quiet on here. But now that I’m back into my clothes, and feeling great, I feel a new interest in shopping my closet. A lot of items haven’t been worn yet this
year. So now that I can’t possible justify anything else without serious analysis (no more impulse buys!!) I think I will start another “ban” or at least “exercise some restraint” for the next few months. I do hope to think more about what I need and why I buy as well. I find it so hard to take the time to do this important part of building a great wardrobe!