Approprio, please no head hanging over those amazing sandal boots of yours. You will love them forever. I will love them forever.

Bijou, you are right. I have broken the cycle of "oh that's nice, I think I'll try it". A couple of those things (the Cons and the puffer) had been percolating in my brain for weeks. I did have to make up to try them as as selection was limited and sales were on. The other boots I just "knew". And the sandals had been in the back of my mind since I looked for something similar last year. And thanks for the welcome back... now that I"m feeling a bit better, I should get back to posting! Just need more of that darn time thing.

Did you look far and wide for the coat, Suz? I did find it in a lot of places, was able to shop for the best price. And it does run slim, so sizing up is not out of the question (I did, for my shoulders). Stock is probably pretty slim now.

Janet... they sure do make a comfortable boot. Oh oh....

and thanks Angie! I will.

I love navy, too. I think your shopping ban was an epic success! Congrats on your healthier self.