This new year I am going to pay more attention to fit. No more I like it and it fits and wear it. I am going to analyze its fit with movement, take photos and study them, etc. fit is more than just my size-it is how it actually looks and feels. I have tooo many tops that sometimes show bra straps at the shoulders, necklines that gap when I bend over, pants that ride up my legs when I sit. Got to try to eliminate that kind of thing.

This is my biggest one, but also going to wear shoes around the house longer, run up and down stairs, try with different hose, socks or whatever, and even different lengths of pants and jeans to make sure they will work in my wardrobe. No more -ok they stay on my feet and feel comfortable, so they are keepers.

Lastly is to gradually along the way, purge things that are not really working as they should.