Glad to hear you found good shoes that suit your personal needs - I know how diffIcult that can be ...

I was happily surprised to see your sea foam coatigan, as I own a similar one and had just planned wearing it tomorrow, I bought mine in November and have worn it with a wide variety of items and colours. Hope you will get a lot of wear out of yours.

The pale pink sneaks are particularly enviable!

Wow! I love the pink sneakers.

I love your hair & the dress looks great. Fab outfit too - glad Angie has you sorted for shoes

Fantastic all around!

Inge what a treat to see you post your loot. I love your new hair. Very pretty.
The dress with the jean jacket is such a great outfit. The colours work so well for you. Mint and blush are so perfect with your complexion. Nice work.
I also have problems finding shoes. I am still working on it.

That's what I call a successful shopping trip, Inge. You look wonderful in the new dress, your hair is beautiful, and I like all the pieces you have chosen. How wonderful to have Angie with you as a shopping companion.

What a happy story! I am glad that you had such a fun day and scored so well. You look really lovely in your outfit.

Love the dress on you, Inge, and the pink shoes will make you smile with each wearing.

Thanks for sharing your "loot" and your wonderful trip with us!

Beautiful assortment, Inge. That aquamarine cardigan and scarf--yum! What a lovely Spring boost.

You look so happy and those pieces are great!

texstyle - Yes, all of these items will be treasured extra because of the special memories.
Mirjana - I love your enthusiasm! Thank you!!-)
Dianna - I still have to road-test the glittery pair, but the blush ones are feeling very promising. Phew.
The Cat - Exactly! And how fun that you have a similar cardigan. High five! Fab that it’s been so versatile for you (and I’d love to see how you wear it next
Rachy and BC - Thanks for the sneaker love!
Zoiechic and lpr200 - Thank you!
Caro - Oh, thank you so much!
Style Fan - Happy to hear you love my hair. I’m chuffed that I can wear mint and blush, because I adore both colours And I’m so sorry to hear about your shoe searching issues, I can so symphatize -(
Summer and Brooklyn - *happy smile*. And absolutely, shopping with Angie is a treat in itself!
Beth Ann - I’m really glad I found this dress for sure, and I think you are right about the shoes
Tulle - Such happy items, aren't they

You found some lovely pieces and you look amazing in that dress!

Thank you for sharing, Inge!

I love the idea of those soft sea colors on you, and the seashell pink shoes

I have also had the best luck with Gabor shoes. I hope they serve you well.

My raincoat (from Comptoir des Cotonniers) looks a lot like yours! But not blue. Decidedly mushroom color. I wore it today, cause it’s pouring!

Love your bag with the guitar strap.
Also the raincoat & bow sneakers.

Envious of your joyful reunion and fun catch-up! Envious of your superb haul! Delighted for you on both fronts.

So fun! These colors look right up your alley, what finds. I'm enamored with the glittery blush shoes; love that fresh white sole. Go Team Wear and your hair is looking wonderful ^^

Go Team Wear indeed! You look lovely Inge and my faves are the beautiful scarf ( reminds me of Rambling Ann's Ocean Park project), the sea foam cardy, and the pink shoes esp the bow ones. My pink sneakers from April 2016 are at 24 wears. Hope yours remain comfy x

Thanks Sarah.
Scarlet - Oh thank you! And I just know your raincoat looks amazing on you. (Sorry about the rain though, our weather has not been great either...)
Anna - Chuffed that you like them!
Mac - Thank you!-)
Aida - Hah! The white soles were the first thing Angie pointed out too!
Jenni - Brilliant that your pink sneakers are turning out so versatile, I hope the same for mine!

Inge, you wrote in your comment to me: "How fun that you have a similar cardigan. High five! Fab that it’s been so versatile for you (and I’d love to see how you wear it next)."
Sorry, that this is a late reply. I hope you still get a lot of wear out of yours (which I suppose is a better quality than mine). I still use mine often. Here are a couple of recent examples:

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I'm still loving the pink sneaks. I got a pair recently... and I'd show y'all pics, but they are so comfy I forgot I was wearing them one day and wore them to the bakery. Now they're covered in flour and that's amazingly hard to remove.

You look beautiful with your new haircut!

I love your new seafoam and blush items. I'd be happy to open my closet and see those things too.

I'm so glad that you found some shoes that work! It can be so frustrating when you can't seem to find anything that fits properly.

I absolutely love the scarf in the mint/seafoam colors. Gorgeous!

Ooh what a fun surprise! It's never too late, The Cat;-) And yes, I'm still wearing mine regularly too. Thanks so much for posting your outfits, I'm always looking for inspiration! I love them both and wish I had a fun skirt like yours to try my cardigan with. Fab pattern mixing with the top and scarf (I want to do that more often), and isn't it amazing how our cardigans work well with both light and dark bottoms!

Rachylou - Wearing them to work where you are on your feet for such long periods of time certainly speaks to the comfort level of your sneaks. Excellent!

Laura - Thanks so much for the compliment! And seafoam and blush really are happy colours for me. Versatile as well.

Gigi - Unfortunately, both pairs of blush sneakers didn't turn out as comfortable as I had hoped. They keep rubbing my heels even with BodyGlide. And I tend to slip out of them: for my orthotics I need a wider style of shoe, but then often the entire shoe is wider and can be slightly too big in the heel. I'm hoping to find "my perfect Summer shoes" next year

Love your new goodies Inge. My closest COS is 2 hours away, which is a good thing because I really like what they are doing lol. That dress is gorgeous.

Lucky girls, what a ball you had! All things beautifull, no wonder you smile just looking at! Love the new cut, the tunic sweater dress, and the guitar strap white baggie, wow, Inge!!

That sounds like the most fun outing! And successful!! Lovely all around but for sure I am (seafoam) green with envy about that long cardigan.

Oh Inge, i too wear orthotics. It's a nuisance. So many nice shoes ruled out. I got 3/4 length ones last time as there was no room whatsoever in the toe box of every shoe I tried on.

Nice cardi tbough

Deborah - Hah! That might be a good thing indeed. Mine is 2 streets away and waaaaay too tempting Glad you love the dress!
Lyn - This is an older post, but we sure did have a ball (will do it all over again soon;-) Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!
BrieN - Absolutely!-) Angie and I always have a ball. *smiling* about the seafoam green envy:-))) It's a hard to find colour, so I got very lucky.
Laura - Thanks for understanding!! I'm not sure I can get away with 3/4 length orthotics, as I need mine to lift up part of my forefoot too. So sorry you have to deal with this too. An absolute nuisance for sure. Glad you love the cardi:-)