Because some of you wanted to see them. See how GENEROUS I am

Context: I am very active, but I am NOT an outdoorsy person. I have though, done hectic outdoorsy stuff in deep and raw Africa more authentically than probably most of you have. Not fancy glamping at all! I have kayaked down the Orange river in Namibia for five days at 53 degrees Celsius (127 F) rowing most of it on my own. I have been on safari in Zimbabwe a few times. I have hiked and camped in hectic South African terrain during thunder storms. And I used to go to Pony Club camp as a child and teen when I had my own horses. All this to say, that I can rough it if I want to. But I choose not to

I absolutely loathe wearing gear, the look of it, the feel of it, and spending money on it. It makes me feel extremely un-fab in every sense. But I LOVE walking Sam with Greg on these fabulous trails in Utah - (we have a loft in Salt Lake City and spend almost half our time there now) - sooooo I needed PROPER trail shoes to save my feet. Went to a specialized shop to have them fitted correctly so they're dead right for my feet. Not the prettiest peds in my wardrobe.

Like yoga wear, I try to forget about the aesthetics of the outfit because I enjoy the trail (and hot yoga) with all my heart. There is something magical about being in nature with my boys. And yes, I wear my pearls when I trail.