Amazing Adventurous Angie! Wow!

I loved hiking in Utah. I love hiking anywhere. You have had some great adventures, Angie.

What a lovely place to go walking.I m amused that no matter what you are still in your pearls!

What a treat that you have such different hiking environments in the two places you live. Like Bonnie, I have both heavy duty and light hiking shoes, in my case for weather extremes. I love your trail pearls, but have a tale of caution: I had to trash the Spey pearl necklace that was my grad gift 40 years ago because I got lazy and went straight into the garden when I came home from work. Apparently real pearls hate chemicals (sunscreen in my case), sweat, and prolonged sun exposure. Over time, the layers of nacre that made the pearl flaked off. I tried to find a replacement but am told that Spey pearls are now extinct. Working as you do in fashion, you know all this and likely wear a fake set for hiking — and how I love that you carry your signature with you in all activities! But I just wanted to share this info in case others don’t know (and also as therapy because this happened 10 years ago and I’m still grieving).

Thanks for playing along, Angie. I promise I won't try to turn YLF into a gear forum; there are plenty of those already. Salomon does make great shoes! Good fit for narrow feet; they work for DH but pinch my toes. And you definitely chose the best colorway!

Hiking near SLC is so gorgeous (though the Seattle area's not too shabby either). Africa is on my bucket list, and your stories may have bumped it up a rung. Though I think I'm more scared of hippos than I am of grizzlies.

I am speechless! You are a woman of many talents!

Awfully cool trail runners! The Poseidon colorway over at Zappo’s looks pretty good as well.
If you decide to go for more rugged hikes, I’d recommend Vasque brand. They’re Spanish, so run a bit narrower than Merrell, et al. Great quality, and hold up forever. Stylish and feminine? Eh, not so much.
BTW, you might want to keep Sam on a leash during those hikes. If he goes full terrier into the bushes after a lizard, he might have an unfortunate encounter with a rattlesnake at this time of year. (I have Scotties, they’re always in full-terrier mode).

Angie, you are a delight and a badass!

I embrace gear because it’s great for its purpose. I actually feel good wearing it because it makes me feel more active and athletic, no mean feat. It’s just another aspect of being appropriately dressed for the occasion. Not fashion but function. I wouldn’t feel fab wearing gear to a party, but I do feel pretty great wearing it for activity because of what it means to be wearing it — i associate it with outdoors and fun and health.

And here, I’m gonna make your shoes look really good by comparison! Here is my triumvirate of gear shoes. Hiking boots (new this year and ugly but they feel fantastic, plus the color hides dirt and mud!), running shoes (I have a couple of pairs of these, and aesthetically not too bad), and last, the piece de resistance, the horribly scuffed and dog-chewed ancient cycling shoes! LOL I’ve been putting off getting new ones, maybe it’s time.

Wow, pearls in the desert are the most fab way to go- it's your own brand for sure-and has to quickly be recorded as may go contagious!:-) I'm with you hating gear but can also do rough (like camping:-)), too!
Do you change shoes after trecking and going public?

I, too, hate hate hate the feel of hear fabrics. Technical fabrics just suffocate me in the Texas heat. That said, leave it to Angie to go hiking in pearls (love it!) And leave it to Angie to find the cutest "ugly gear shoes" I've ever seen!

I hate wearing gear too. I don't have a pair of hiking shoes right now - I usually just wear my running shoes. However, I'll usually throw a pair of casual sandals in the car so when we're done with our hike and we decide to stop for lunch on the way home, I don't have to wear my gear shoes. I'd change my whole outfit if possible.

This made my day!

You crack me up! I hope your pearls don't get too much dust on them.

These are my trail shoes. I discovered, to my delight, that they look enough like hi-tops to work in cities when I travel.

Wow, would never have imagined you building and "outdoorswoman" wardrobe capsule".! So glad for you that you are taking advantage of what mother nature has to offer. In my world we call those "hiking shoes" as differentiated from "hiking boots". And smart of you to get them fit properly, makes such a huge difference and even more important where the terrain is uneven.

I personally LOVE wearing gear when it lets me be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and scenery for hours at a time, and makes me feel athletic and energized. Ditto what Janet said!

I did a very short, very steep, very rocky hike in Hawaii a few years ago in a gorgeous spot right near the coastline, and my feet were glad I was wearing hiking shoes. I saw lots of kids and young adults in rubber flip flops which I guess were "cute" but looked downright foolish for climbing on rocks. I always wondered how many twisted ankles happened that day..

So what's the next addition to this capsule? Cross country skiis, boots, clothing, and a little snow sled for Sam?

Well you are too gorgeous for words! I LOVE that you wear your pearls. Pretty does not mean weak... The strongest and most resilient people I have come across have been very beautiful and feminine women.

You ladies are the BEST. You are wise, wonderful, and very funny

Have to run. Back later.

I have similarly ugly pair, and I am also not outdoorsy type. But I have friends who are and they are inviting me all the time to join them in different outdoor adventures and I can’t always say no

I also have fond memories of Africa, lived in Angola for a year in 1996.

I'm a gear person - probably over 1/3 of my closet. I love wearing the right gear, but not because it looks good. I all about comfort whether it is skiing, hiking or going to Disneyland.

But I'm going to give a shout out to the Prana Halle pant. Tall, Regular and Short lengths, stretchy midweight fabric that is cool and breathable for its heft. Tons of colors. And fairly subtle thigh zip pocket that hold my phone easily. I have two pairs and may buy more - that burgundy color is calling me. And bootcuts are officially back!

Wow, you make me want to move to Salt Lake City, too! Your photo makes me want to wander out in that territory, and with little Sam off-leash! I used to walk with my Yorkie, Dudley, in some remote places off-leash. He was very good at staying near me and coming when I called him. I am with you, not enjoying the look or feel of wearing a lot of gear. But I do enjoy having the right gear for the sport at hand, and so I invest in it. I don't like to "make do" with things that are almost-right for the sport.