In January, I committed to cap my 2019 purchases at 12 items, excluding undies. Entering May, I had purchased 5 thrifted and 9 new items, for a total of 14.

My wish list for spring/summer was small and I had purchased all items on it by the end of last month. As a result, May was pretty quiet. I thrifted a RATE brass and leather belt that I LOVE (Oh! In the spirit of recent DIY cleaning tips: I used CeraVe lotion and the edge of a credit card to remove dry, OLD paint spatter from my thrifted belt. Every last speckle came off and didn't permanently darken the leather. Photos below: 1 shows the speckles that we’re all over the front. 2 is after cleaning it. I may not bother with the back) I also received two other belts as Mother's Day gifts from DH and my kids. All have been in steady rotation, now that it's getting too hot for toppers.

So, my count is now at 6 thrifted and 10 new items for a total of 16; 4 over my initial limit. I passed on three old belts that weren't being worn, so my wardrobe size has stayed the same for now....  Listen for the loud *thud* as I fall off the wagon when summer approaches - I feel woefully unprepared for hot/humid weather.

ETA: Since my wardrobe churn has slowed a lot, I want to try a one in/one out approach for the rest of 2019, with a max of 2/month. Hopefully that will help me be diligent and careful about what I add and edit.

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