I've been on a style soul-searching mission of sorts as I switch over my closet for warmer weather. Inspired by Brooklyn, SarahD8, and others, I've been playing more with themes, avatars, and monikers to help create looks that feel more like me. The experimentation is really helping me figure out why the things I put together don't work or feel quite right. My takeaways have been interesting and I hope to post more about that later. I mention it only because it has helped me decide what to purchase AND purge. On to the shopping challenge update:

Going into April, I had purchased 8 of my 12 items for the year:

Jan - 2
Feb - 4 (3 thrifted); passed on 13
Mar - 2 (1 thrifted); passed on 9
Apr - 6 (1 thrifted); passed on 2

My wishlist for spring/summer was:
- a metallic shoe,
- a sandal (to replace a white Olukai Ohana flip flop),
- a sneaker (to replace navy converse from last summer),
- a HEWI high rise, not distresed, boyfriend jean

In April I purchased:
- 2 boyfriend jeans
- 1 sneaker
- 1 sandal
- 1 midi skirt
- 1 puffer jacket (FINALLY!!)

So, I'm at 5 thrifted and 9 new items for a total of 14. I've gone over my self-imposed limit, but I've learned a lot, and my churn is slowing. My overall wardrobe size is smaller, yet far more functional. And, with almost half of my added items being pre-owned, I feel good about my purchases.

If you're interested in the navel-gazing reflections on why I bought and kept what I did, keep reading:

- two boyfriend jeans:
I reduced my crazy denim pile from 22 to 9, (moved to holding) then added two pairs of boyfriend jeans. As I was going through my pintrest boards, I noticed the majority of my pinned looks consisted of distressed jeans in boyfriend cut, which is SO WEIRD because I thought I had quite the poison eye for them. I REFUSE to buy any new jeans that come with holes or too much whiskering, but there's obviously something drawing me to looks that feature them. So, I picked up these embroidered ones at Rack (finds). They are SUPER comfy and I think the embroidery adds that little 'something' that should fill my want for detailing... I sized down because they are 100% cotton and I worried they would bag after a long day of wear. Also thrifted a NWT pair of Paige Bridgette for $12 (plus another $15 for a waist alteration at the tailor). Find is for similar wash on Amazon. The rise on these is more mid-rise on me than high-rise, but I love them. Both jeans have become my go-to pairs of late.

- antique gold Birkenstock Arizona:
I finally gave up on the Franco Sarto pewter loafer. This Birk combines my want for metallic AND serves as replacement for my Olukai Ohana flip flop. This is my first attempt at Birks, and my feet don't love them yet...

- floral print midi skirt: I certainly didn't NEED another skirt, BUT - the crepe fabric isn't see-thru and doesn't wrinkle, so it should be great for travel. Plus, the colors go with all my summer tops except for 2, so it's sure to be a slam-dunk. Now, we just need warmer weather!

- Taos olive mid-top sneaker: I can't explain my attraction to these shoes... a funky/bounty hunter vibe that I just love. I got olive, but they also come in white and in black. I wanted a canvas sneaker to replace a pair of navy chucks that I wore through last summer and these should fill the hole.

- Marmot puffer (HEWI): Fills my outerwear hole, and ends a long search for a HEWI puffer. Not too long, no cheap-looking hardware, not TOO gearish (ok, it's gear-ish...), works for my WFH/MOTG lifestyle, and bonus points for being on closeout and green...