I'm a fan of flats, I just don't wear heels. I can do a very small one if the shoes are comfortable, but I prefer to wear flat shoes. Of course ballet flats are a big part of the flat shoe range out there, they are everywhere. And I had quite a few of them over time. After all, they are flat shoes that are practical for warmer weather and go with all kinds of bottoms, right? I really want to love them.

The thing is no pair of my ballet flats ever became a wardrobe workhorse. The just don't stay on my feet sometimes or they have to be quite snug and are therefore uncomfortable after a while. They mostly work when I have bare feet - but add tights or hose to the mix and I'm constantly in fear of loosing my shoes. Not practical. I think I have to stop buying them.

I know that there are others on the forum who can't wear them. What do you wear instead? Do you find yourself missing something?