I wore my new bubblegum pink boiler suit all day yesterday - and it's SOOO COMFY! SOOOO EASY. I LOVE IT!

The loo situation is absolutely FINE. Much better than I expected. I am very pleasantly surprised! I wore a camisole like I always do - which helps a lot - and it's no fussier than wearing my sailor jeans which have 6 bibbed buttons. The jumpsuit is very fluid, so easy to slip on and off. The front buttons make a huge difference, and so does its cropped length. Less fabric in the loo when it comes off. Sneakers, pearls, crossbody, and Sam in tow - very practical and felt fab!

My old '70s navy DVF jumpsuit looks spectacular, but is the WORST item to wear. I have never worn anything as fussy and uncomfortable, in all my life. No camisole, side zip, long length, and far too much fabric when it comes off in the loo and falls to the ground in a crumpled mess. Plus I have to wear it with heels, which I don't wear anymore. I hold onto it in case I have a '70s Summer party to go to......

I'm happy I gave the jumpsuit another tenacious bash because now I get why people love wearing boiler suits, and a specific style of jumpsuit and romper. It can work!

Devil is in the details with these jumpsuits

I hope to get pics of the boiler suit this week when I wear it again.