RainB, it’s a private activity, so I can’t say what experiences others have, but for me, the tricky part of a jumpsuit (so also a boiler suit, I guess) in the bathroom isn’t the legs—that’s familiar from wearing pants. It’s the top part that has to be pulled down and held in one hand to keep it off the floor. If it falls on a spotless floor in a private home, nbd, but depending on where you are, dropping it could be pretty gross.

Cannot wait to see you in the boiler suit Angie and I remember that navy jumpsuit. Always thought it was so gorgeous.

Good to know the potential issues with a jumpsuit weren't a problem for you. Makes me think maybe my "absolutely no" should be reconsidered.

Love that shade of pink. It's nice how it offsets the masculine vibe of the boiler suit.

Would love to see pics! I’m glad the restroom issue wasn’t a factor in your enjoyment of the new pink boilersuit. I never found it to be much of a problem but I think a lot depends on fabrication, event, etc. I have a summer jumpsuit in grey silk that is really cute and I once thought about wearing it to an outdoor music festival type event but thought better of it because 1) sweat + silk = stains, and 2) porta-potties. Yeah, no. So that jumpsuit, cute as it is, is very limited in wearing opportunities. Lesson learned. Casual fabrications for me.

I have always loved your DVF jumpsuit. It it were about 4-5 sizes larger, I’d take it off your hands.

I’d love to see a picture of you wearing this outfit! It’s good to learn that it’s not a problem in the bathroom.

This is great news! I can't wait to see it! I love your pink complement, too!

Thanks, everyone. Nodding along to all of you.

RainB, cropping the length of the DVF jumpsuit will not take away its fussiness and discomfort, unfortunately.

Could the jumpsuit be turned into seperates?
Annnddd....is the too short dress the same color as the jumpsuit?

Suntiger, I'm going to leave the DVF jumpsuit as is. It's waiting for that '70s party