Hi All

This has got very long. Feel free to only read part of it or skip to the first comment for the pics!!

My challenge was to wear all my winter clothes in July.
I started one day early on 30/6 and had two days I just did not count as
I lived in gear and did gardening. Excluded were
occasionwear and summer clothes.


I divide my closet into five sections and have about 126
items across footwear, clothes, gear and bags,

  • All year clothes (about 42 pieces) eg jeans, tee shirts,
    sneakers, blouses, jackets
  • True Winter (about 8) eg boots and wool coats
  • True Summer (30) eg sundresses and shorts and very
    light jackets
  • Occasionwear (8)
  • Bags (8)
  • Gear (29)

This is everything outside a few random gardening and
painting items and things like leggings and camis that are not worn alone. Our climate is mild so lots of clothes can be
worn all year and the divisions are pretty arbitrary.

Did I do it:

Between 30/6-31/7 I have worn 54
items of clothing and shoes, so I stretched a bit further into the transitional
wardrobe than I predicted. I did not
wear two of my short sleeve tops but aside from that I wore all my winter items and all year basics. Obviously some of the transitional stuff is
more winter oriented (boots) and some is more summer but can be worn in winter
(tee shirt). July is mid winter but this
year has been relatively mild. I have
not dipped into my occasion wear capsule because I have not had any need to do

Most worn - were my white sneakers (9 wears), navy boots (6 wears),

I have edited out four pieces as well. Two pairs of shoes and two boring black tops (see finds for shoes). My three day bags were worn 6-7 times each. My most worn clothes were only 4-5 times in the month (two pairs of pants and my coats and puffer).

I did include the tangerine dress (see find) in my original list (and am wearing it tonight) but have since decided it does fit in the occasionwear capsule. I have a couple of nights out approaching so will share some wiw.


  • Focus
    on the bags and shoes – these get worn the most.
  • I
    like black but in winter when worn with blue denim I find it drab on me. So I am looking at ways to keep a lean mean
    closet without relying as heavily on black.
  • I do
    not NEED any more clothes. Lets not kid
    myself and say I have holes or gaps. I
    have lots of options and when three times a month is “heavy wear” then I do not
    need more variety. Of course I WANT to
    update and refresh and add new fun things to my closet.

I will load pics from the week onto a new comment/post as this has got too long!!

Thanks for reading.