For those interested, I'll share exactly what I bought each month.

My Strategy:

As a fashion stylist, I can probably justify a little more shopping than most, but I’m not a shopaholic and I don’t let fashion and style boss me around. I purchase very thoughtfully and mindfully, within my means, don't go over my strict budget, and make few shopping mistakes these days. I'm not an impulsive shopper, although I'm a very emotional one. I tabulate all my purchases and returns in spreadsheets so that I know exactly how much I'm spending, on what, and what earned a place in my wardrobe.

EVERY ITEM in my wardrobe - apart from Wardrobe Basics - is meticulously and accurately documented in YLF FINDS. Anyone can look at my wardrobe and see what I have.

I am extremely disciplined about keeping my wardrobe a certain size, so that the storage spaces are neat, manageable, visible, and completely under control. I edit regularly, and do not purchase more than what I can comfortably store. I love wearing the heck out of my stuff, keeping items for years, and have zero interest in renting my wardrobe.

None of my items end up in a landfill when they are passed on. That's a big thing for me. Thredup, Dress For Success Seattle, and friends are how I pass on my items.

My strategy for 2020 is to buy fewer items, but each item has to be extra fabulous and a little fearless in some way. I’m looking for a busload of luxe, loads of refinement, beautiful quality, mega pretty, and sassy chic as I celebrate a milestone birthday year. This is going to make me even fussier with what earns a place in my wardrobe.

I’ll also be replenishing Wardrobe Basics and embellishing my beach & pool capsule.

  • Turquoise Pullover: I've been looking for the right turquoise jumper for SO LONG. I'm very particular about the shade. This is it, and I'm already wearing it a lot! It's simple for my style, but the way I wear it is fearless. With red pants, red coat, red boots, and citron bag. Or a matching turquoise bag.
  • Striped Pullover: It's special because it's combined with blush not white, and the back stripes are different, which creates an interesting effect on the sleeves. Cotton, short, and perfect with wide bottoms.
  • Sweatshirt: Aspirational slogan

The next three items are for my beach & pool capsule:

  • Navy Polka Dot Tote: matches my old navy polka dot bikini. So cute!
  • Long Denim Shorts: They look great over my bikini for pool lunches. I have a slubby white tunic shirt that I wear unbuttoned over the top that looks great too.
  • Packable White Straw Hat: Specialized to fit my child-sized head. I have one in tan that I keep in Salt Lake City. I need one for Seattle and Greece.


Also replenished UNDERWEAR. Went with my usual bras, knickers and camisoles so far. Not finished yet.

Tried Third Love for bras. So far, not that impressed. Holding off judgement until I get the second lot of orders.

Have things on order for February. They have to work hard to earn a place in my wardrobe.

Sorry that was awfully long