Angie you are so through and organized and forward thinking. I am in awe. And a little jealous. And I want to figure out how I get a little more like you.

I often have a vague running list of what I want in my head, but you've inspired me to write it down and try to be a bit more conscious of which are true priorities!

Right with you on extra fabulous fashion for a milestone year!

This is a fabulous collection of new additions, Angie! So cohesive and well thought out. I really appreciate you guiding us through your thought process, especially as I am attempting to do the same with my own purchases this year.

I don't have a milestone birthday due for another few years but a little bit of your "Fearless" attitude must have rubbed off on me because today I went out and about in New Jeans! and a Hair Scarf! and Extremely Bold Lippie! Not to mention a Faux Fur Ascot! Super fun.

What's not to love about a collection that contains a turquoise top, long shorts and a hat! I find your way of thinking and writing about your choices inspiring and relaxing at the same time. Can't quite explain the relaxing - I think it is the combination of emotion and control that resonates with me !

Hehe, what kkards said! Beautiful purchases.

Love your longer denim shorts! Makes me nostalgic for the clam-diggers we were all wearing when I first came to YLF.

Also, I'm interested that so many of us seem to be moving in a direction of fewer pieces (sometimes for different reasons). I used to find the idea of a smaller wardrobe stressful. Now I find it a relief.

Fab colors and patterns-all beautiful! And what did you edit, Angie---and why? That will be another very helpful post, if you don't mind me asking for!:-)

Angie - when I read your strategy "My strategy for 2020 is to buy fewer items, but each item has to be extra fabulous and a little fearless in some way. I’m looking for a busload of luxe, loads of refinement, beautiful quality, mega pretty, and sassy chic as I celebrate a milestone birthday year." I wondered if that meant more wildcard items and less practical purchases. It is nice to see how you are putting this goal into practice in a highly practical way for your lifestyle. This is very inspiring on how to make a wardrobe special without being for a fantasy lifestyle.

I'm always in awe at how organized and thoughtful your shopping decisions are. I can see how these will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe perfectly. Love the BR sweaters...

Style Fan, a soul searching HIGH FIVE, and do check out BR knitwear.

Kkards (and Sisi), you make me blush. The success of my wardrobe, planning techniques and shopping strategies did not happen overnight. It took a while, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way! Like you, I'm also still learning.


SarahD8, glad this was helpful, and am excited to see your fearless new stash!

Jaime, nice to get the seal of approval from Queen Long Shorts & Sun Hat! Thanks for the kind words

April, you can wear clamdiggers! Maybe you need those long shorts too.

Lyn67, I’ll share my editing soon. Promise. I have to get all the trend posts out the way first.

Bijou, it’s hard for me to be impractical - apart from wearing white anything

RobinF, I’ve found that once your wardrobe flows, it’s easy to keep the momentum going. Thanks for the sweet words.

Angie, I'm late to this but I always admire how consistent and thoughtful, yet FUN, your wardrobe additions are.

I particularly like those shorts and the turquoise sweater -- a style and a color both close to my heart. It's hard to find good turquoise items!

All very you. The pullovers will be especially lovely.

Love the turquoise. I’ve got a very similar pair of shorts, but in black. I’m a big wit and wisdom fan (also have one democracy from brand, which must be made by the same people).

Janet and Thistle, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you

Delurked, they are good denim brands.

I love the Boden sweatshirt also its the only January purchase I made.

A little late reading this, but I can sooooo picture you wearing the turquoise jumper with all your red!!! Striking! I appreciate these posts because they are educational for me. I will be waiting to see if you find white jeans or cute white shoes ( we have similar taste in that area). Super excited for your trip to Greece this summer. One of my favorite places. I think I mentioned Oia before....its my absolute favorite place.

So happy that you found such amazing pieces! I find that when I carefully stick to a list of what I truly need, I get a high happiness factor with the items I purchase. Good planning goes a long way in creating a good wardrobe.

Mtnsofthemoon, thank you for your always gracious comments. Yes to Oia, and l’ll keep you posted on my orders. Hope to post pics next week!

Gigi, you are lovely. High five to good wardrobe planning

These are great! I just bought the striped sweater in B&W!

Angie, you are awesome. I always love seeing your items and hearing your thought process. These purchases all speak to me and would all happily play in my closet

They all look pretty wearable

Yay, Mary. We are striped twins.

Cheryl, thanks for being so gracious.