Doing a similar vibe to last year - (see old pics) - but in a different colour combination with some tweaks. Here is the outfit formula, and see exact pieces so far in the Finds:

trendy shift + fun hosiery + pile of pearls + gold shoes + clutch (TBC) + dressy coat.


  • BURGUNDY (very new-for-me)
  • New specs (burgundy is fab with the brown specs)
  • Dandy shoes instead of dainty "lady" shoes (EXTREMELY comfortable stacked loafers)


  • Pearls
  • Modern Retro vibe of the frock (a little Mod)
  • Wearing a frock (I tried to get excited about dressy pants and a suit, but a frock feels a lot more right for my bashes)
  • Metallic accents
  • Blonde pixie
  • Chartreuse

I'll be hosting in this outfit for one of the bashes, so I need to be very comfortable when I run around all evening, (sheaths and pencil skirts are too constricting). The lengths of the lantern sleeves are practical. SO much better than long bell sleeves.

The AT frock is FABULOUS. I love the fluid fit and drape, with all sorts of good tailoring in the right places. Size down if you need a narrow fit like I do. Great with my tall boots too. But I'm wearing my new party shoes for the parties!

ETA: Bought a beautiful cherry clutch (with strap) in Arnhem with Inge last week. See Finds. The tonal reds work well together, and I'm LOVING the tonal vibe.