Great outfit! I wish I had holiday parties to go to so I had an excuse to put together a fun party outfit. Alas, my office doesn't even do a Xmas party - just a Xmas potluck luncheon. I usually host a small NYE get-together for a few close friends but it's very casual with lots of kids.

Sara L, you can create a dress for your own bash. That's what I do.

What a great outfit! The dress is festive without being in your face "holiday".

Fab outfit, Angie. I must admit to being a bit jealous about how easy outfit coordination comes to you. That being said, I do realize that it's your job and your passion.

I'm on team burgundy as well. It's my colour of choice heading into this fall/winter season.

Gorgeous! I read a recommendation once that hostesses should wear bracelet length sleeves because it makes passing and serving so much easier. This is perfect!

I'm loving all the burgundy this year. Those tights are amazing too!

It's such a perfect outfit for your festivities! All the burgundy this year makes me happy too.

I rarely have occasion to dress up for the holidays anymore -- everything is so casual now, and no more corporate/work-related holiday parties to attend. But hubs and I are going to be in Prague, Budapest, and Vienna for the holidays this year (FINALLY, this is our third attempt to go to Europe for Christmas), so I'm taking the new Fuzzi dress for New Years Eve and maybe another dress-up dinner. Bonus -- it packs up so small and light and doesn't wrinkle!

Sounds fun! Watching with interest how it comes together. “ Dandy shoes”will be my new mantra. I’m after sustainable dressy but comfortable footwear and dress/ pants combinations. Not just collecting the items, but honing my “ eye” to recognize what it is about certain lights, proportions, styles let me get away with more realistic footwear.
It might be a traditionally flattering style or it might be a trendy element.

I agree with you that Sam playing on the bed while you were opening packages and trying on outfits counts as approval. And how would he not approve if your outfit is fabulous. Those shoes are beyond gorgeous.

This is lovely Angie, I really like the fluidity and the elegant sleeves.

You are on the ball and sure to be the bell of every ball you attend! I am happy you have found a burgundy dress to enjoy! I predict you will soon be scooping up some other burgundy pieces. Your SHOES! Cinderella’s glass slippers do not compare. Stepping into beautiful shoes adds to a festive feeling.
Our holiday events are on the casual side. My outfit is still coming together. I have decided upon black velvet fitted pants and a black and silver lace top with 3/4 sleeves to get myself started.

Angie, I have a particular sentimental fondness for the color Burgundy. When DD was 3-14 years of age, and anyone asked her what her favorite color was, she enthusiastically told them “Burgandy!” DH and I have no idea where she first came up with the color name, but we always knew she would be an artist. (True). Now she might be more likely to say Orange, although, I would never presume with DD. She may not play favorites with colors anymore.

I adore your holiday outfit plan. I’m sure you will look perfect. I haven’t started to think about what I will wear yet. We are hosting a crowd for Thanksgiving, and I’m concerned about how I’m going to please so many finicky eaters! (6 young children, all with different preferences!)

You will look beautiful. I love the sleeves of your dress, and the colour of course.
I would also like to find a “holiday” dress. I have my Mum’s birthday in December (a significant one), mine and my husband’s in January. Some Xmas parties. And it’s November already!

A very pretty outfit. The Gucci version of that Gentle Souls shoe is very popular right now.

Lovely dress and you will look stylish in it!

I have a couple of functions ahead and have a new dress- plus I have a few other outfits planned. Looking forward to dressing up this year.

Looove the gold with the burgundy This outfit is all Classic Angie meets 2017 Angie. Gorgeous dress!

I love your new dress and how it fits into your wardrobe. I also love the new gold shoes, so very pretty and comfortable. I have a work function to attend and will be wearing a white dress and sparkly necklace. It is summer weather, so my usual outfit is very much "white christmas" to beat the heat.

Oh, I like these pieces together! I hope we will get a chance to see it in action!

Love the items you've chosen, particularly the glasses. And YES for wearing comfortable shoes. I've heard you mention your "fussy feet" many times over the years, and mine are too.

One good thing about getting older (I'm 43) is that my narrow feet are fitting into normal sized shoes more and more (apart from the heel).

Thanks, ladies. Sorry to post and run.

ETA: Bought a beautiful cherry clutch (with strap) in Arnhem with Inge last week. See Finds. The tonal reds work well together, and I'm LOVING the tonal vibe.

I love the clutch! The color is so rich looking!

Angie, I love all the color in your outfit, and that the colors aren’t the same cherry red everyone wears at the party (which I actually love, but find repetitive at the same time).

I’m going to start looking at party outfits next week, from casual to seeing Brian Setzer in concert (I always doll up to pay homage to one of my music idols).

Thanks, Sara.

LBD, High Five, and I hope we see your music idol outfit.

Cute bag - you should get a lot of use out of this one ! Is it suede?

Beautiful bag, Angie. Both the colour and detailing at the front are fantastic. The closure is similar to the Coach & Rodarte bags.

Yes, Lisa p. Suede. Looks luxurious.

Marilyn, your bag is beautiful.

I love the cherry red with orange and burgundy too. See my pieces here.


Pretty bag. And I didn't thank you for your "Holidays" explanation which did make perfect sense, thank you! I think I will continue to call those party outfits. I went to one end-of-year party already and have several others yet to come, one is lunch though. I agree with you about the bracelet sleeves being good for hostesses!

Wouaah, now I want to find another dark red blazer to do that pseudo suit with wine trousers and orange or ice tops happen

It was the most colourful F/W season I’ve ever seen (not seen much though, I’ve only been interested in fashion for 12 years), even I will wear colours this Winter no wonder it was a great shopping season for you!

Isabelle, as always, you crack me up. LOVE that our styles have aligned. Vey fun to yak burgundy and orange with you - as well as our beloved white and navy. YES. You MUST get a wine topper. The colour is magical on you. (YES, it was a far less grey and black season for a change).

Sterling, you're funny too. I like the way you passionately enjoy my colours, yet stick to wearing neutrals. I know you love shocking pink.

Jenni, I like your "party outfit" description. I'd be using that term - but then my clients would think I was from Mars. When in Rome...

What a delightful little clutch! Can see that working nicely for non-holiday wear, too. I was picturing rose gold with your ensemble, though I think you did that recently.