It has been a month since I joined the YLF forum, and I'm taking the plunge and posting my very first WIW.

First of all, sorry for the low quality of the photos. The gloomy weather we have today and the need for artificial light caused white balance issues and the colors don't look very good. I'll need to find a better photo setup for future WIWs!

Now to the outfits themselves...I wore #1 and #2 for work this week, and #3 and #4 are experiments.
To quickly give you more context, I work in a place where there is absolutely no dress code - and I'm trying to dress in a more feminine and classy way than just the basic "jeans and a tee".

#1 - Light beige jacket over a striped top, and olive trouser cut jeans. I chose black booties and a black bag to break the earth tones theme, an added a long necklace. Hard to tell on the picture, but the pendant is a little fairy!
My verdict : I liked the outfit, but I thought it lacked contrast. It may have been better with white jeans or a white jacket.

#2 - I wanted to step out of my confort zone and wear a bright white jacket I had only worn for special occasions before. I paired it with dark wash bootcut jeans and an ink blue t-shirt with a butterfly and flower print. The shoes were the same black booties as the first outfit, and I took my favourite bag (it has a robot clasp!).
My verdict : In the morning I felt a bit awkward, since it was the first time I wore bright white for work. But it passed and I actually felt very classy the rest of the day!

 #3 - An experiment, basically the same as #2 but with navy wide-leg dress trousers instead of the jeans.
My verdict : not bad, but it felt a little bit bulky. Maybe with a more fitted jacket...

#4 - Since I found #3 too bulky overall, I tried a different jacket cut. I went for a cropped beige jacket, and also a more fitted navy top. And added the fairy necklace because I love it.
My verdict : more figure-flattering than what I would have thought! I'm not sure I would dare to wear the outfit for work, but I liked it overall.

I'm really looking forward to reading your insight on these outfits. Thank you for having taken the time to read this!

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