For those who are interested, I'm happily sticking to my shopping plan, budget, and style goals.

  • Refresh my jeans capsule in blue and white. Need to look trendier for my sartorial preferences - check.
  • BE EXTRA MINDFUL ABOUT QUALITY BECAUSE THAT IS SUSTAINABLE. I am sooooo on it. And I successfully de-pilled old items. Very satisfying! - check.
  • Refresh Wardrobe Basics - done and DONE. Pricey replenishes, but worth it - check.
  • Add blue - my colour of the year - check, check, check
  • Add a few trends that tickle my fancy- check

This is what earned a place in my wardrobe:

  • Trendy Everlane blue Cuffed Jeans
  • Trendy Everlane relaxed white Jeans
  • Trendy Classic blue Sailor Jeans
  • Trendless Fuzzy Trucker Jacket (classic cut)
  • Trendless Camera Bag (classic cut)
  • Trendy Classic Puff Sleeve Polka Dot Mixed Media Sweater
  • Trendy BIG Shirt from Zara that has its avant-garde elements
  • Light Blue Eccos (classic cut)

It's completely intuitive how I add classics and trends to my wardrobe because I am equally attracted to both. I'm a Trendy Classic!

EVERY item is beautifully made except the Zara shirt. But the Zara shirt is made of really nice fabric - (extremely important) - and the cut is genius. I've washed, dried, and ironed it already. So far so good. Drapes like a dream.

All items worn accept the Zara shirt and ECCOS. Still too cold.

All items work seamlessly well with what I have. Outfit creation is a treat and pleasure. LOVE IT ALL! Feeling SOOO GOOD with my wardrobe and style, and am very grateful!

YES, I passed on some items so my wardrobe stays a similar size. No waste.

YES, I will show you eventually what I passed on, and all items go to a good second home. I am strict about that. No landfills.

YES, I need to show you outfit pics and will hopefully get to it next week!