I'm in awe at how well you stick to your plan! Love all the blues.

What fabulous additions to your wardrobe, Angie. I love "quiet blue", unfortunately it's not a great colour for me to wear. But that's ok!

I have been looking at that Zara blouse, in white. I might look a little closer, now....

I thought I commented here, but guess I didn't What a lovely looking capsule, and I too am curious about that Zara shirt. Just curious though, not really intending to buy Just the idea of having to iron is enough to turn me off .

Thanks for the kind words, ladies!

Lots of love for Light Blue and rightly so. It's pretty, versatile, and powerful

Love your capsule Angie, it is gorgeous and so well thought out. It is a admirable how well you stick to your plans. I am tempted by that Zara shirt.
My capsule for spring is also heavily focused on blue, in all shades, including pale blue. My purchases so far are in Finds. I am looking for a nice light blue midi sheath dress, high-rise trousers and block heel shoes.

What a gorgeous color choice for you, Angie! I bet it is beautiful with your eyes. And I love how cool it might look mixed with your tomato and citron, too!

What great spring pieces! I'm wearing quiet (oxford) blue with toffee today.

Great additions! I can't wait to see them in action

Thanks so much for the kind words, ladies! You’re all so nice.

Tanya, gorgeous items! I had my eye on that blazer too.

La Ped, cute shirt!

A question for you : how are you wearing the fuzzy BR jacket ? As a indoor piece or as an outdoor jacket ? It’s been making the rounds on other blogs and I’ve clicked on it a million times SO tempted by it , but it’s never part of the usual BR discounts . Plus I’m not quite sure what I’d actually do with it .

Beautiful, true to you (and your current goals) selections, Angie. You have me craving quiet blues. Appreciate the share.

Eliza, you are so nice.

Lisa P, I've worn the fuzzy light jacket three times. Once out to supper. Once to work in a mall with a client, and once to the hairdresser and for errands on a mild day. I wear it as an inside and outside jacket. I didn't take it off at the mall.

I've worn it with sour brights, white, and light blue. My light blue Furla is a perfect match. Exact comments in Finds, plus my pearls and specs.

I want to wear a column of off-white with the jeans and pullover next. And light blue sneakers.

I JUST bought these AMAZING Theory checked pants with light blue in them, and they match the fuzzy jacket and my bag perfectly. This will be my next outfit. Haven't decided on the shoes or bag.

I see it's marked down on the US site, but it's still at $195 on the Cdn site. Probably a good thing, otherwise I'd be breaking my no-buy vow .

late to this, haven't had much time to post this week....i'm tempted by light blue but always hesitant to wear pastels. but that fuzzy trucker jacket....need to check it out....

kkards, nice with your navy and black. Worth a look.

Lisa, don't break your shopping ban! You don't like trucker style jackets that much anyway - from what I can remember?

I'm wearing my new Theory checked pants today, and LOVE them. Great with the fuzzy light blue trucker when it warms up.

Love those Theory checked pants. Your capsule is soooo gorgeous and inspiring. A feast for the eyes . That fuzzy trucker jacket is terrific—if I had any need for it, it would be mine in white! I’m just going to have to enjoy it on you!!

Hah, I see now, there are modern classics and trendy classics, love your indeed so trendy choices, they all suit your persona and needs. I love the light blues and did we see the big cuff jeans somewhere already, love them! Can't wait to see these working in some RL mirror picties! (theory checks are also fab and the kind of which I could brake my own to not buy list!:-))

Kelly and Lyn, so sweet