It's going to be way easier to come up with my 2018 essentials list, because I have my 2017 list to work from. Hooray for putting the work in during years past!

So...starting from last year, and updating as necessary.

Relaxed, cropped pants and jeans - striking this in favor of Great-fitting blue jeans. I don't need my jeans to be super-trendy, but I need them to fit well in a range of silhouettes. I'm feeling over colored jeans, and black ones feel too hard-edge for my current style.

Black, open-neckline tops and sweaters - Yup, still works, but I want to add that I prefer these in fluid fits and soft fabrications.

Ivory, open-neckline tops and sweaters - Still works, with the same caveat as above.

Striped tops - Still works, but I'm updating to be more specific and say Striped tees with open necklines

Black maxi dress (summer only)
Solid-colored cotton knee-length dress (summer only) - Combining these into one category of natural-fiber casual black dresses. Still a summer-only essential, and I hope to make these my summer work-at-home uniform.

Cardigans - Getting more specific with this, and saying Long cardigans (hip or thigh length) in wardrobe neutrals - My navy cardigan is no longer the essential it used to be, and my long, colored cardigans stand as statements.

Chuck Taylors - Yes.

Cognac/brown shoes and accessories - Yes, especially a belt, bag, and ankle boots.

Simple, casual gold necklaces - Yes, at various lengths, with modern shapes and clean lines.