I've avoided really trying to classify my essentials in the past, going with a "I know it when I see it" mentality, but Angie's and Suz's lists were so useful that they inspired me to make an attempt. They make it look easier than it is!

My 2017 essentials include:

Relaxed, cropped pants and jeans - Whether I'm pairing with sandals in summer or filling the gap with boots in the winter, almost every pair of pants I reach for these days is a crop or cuffed to a cropped length.

Cognac shoes and accessories - Maybe this is too broad, but I think cognac provides an earthy feel that's an essential part of my style, whether it comes from shoes, a bag, a belt, or jewelry.

Black, open-neckline tops and sweaters - I wear black tops with V- or scoop-necks in just about every weight and sleeve length.

Ivory, open-neckline tops and sweaters - This is a category I'm trying to expand. I have several ivory tops that I wear regularly, but they're not as well-represented as black.

Cardigans - I have cardigans in a variety of lengths and weights, and wear them year-round, since our summer evenings are often cool.

Lightweight dresses (summer only) - In the summer, I wear dresses more often than not. They usually have a defined waist, but can range from above-the-knee to maxi.

Other things that might go on the list, but I'm unsure, so would love your input:

Leather jacket - I like always having a leather jacket in my wardrobe, and it seems like it can often be the right finishing piece, even if it's not a daily (or even weekly, in some seasons) wear. This may be a statement for me, though.

Striped top - Again, something I always have and would replace if necessary, but maybe not essential to my style. I do have three in my wardrobe right now, a V-neck, a scoop-neck, and a summer knit.

Long gold necklaces - Seems I reach for one every day.

Converse - Because I can't imagine my closet without a pair of Chucks.