We moved 2 miles down the road into a loft with a sea and city view - still in Seattle! The new loft and old house are exactly the same size. 1600 square feet. We've been here five days and LOVE it. Felt like home right away.

Last Sunday, I organized our wardrobes, and enjoyed every second of it. 

The old home had a wonderful small WIC and a LOT of storage space. The new loft does not. We will remodel to create perfect spaces, but want to live in our new home for a while first. Gather our thoughts and ideas. Process. Recharge. Enjoy. 

Soooooo, this is EVERY ITEM OF MY WARDROBE except for trail shoes, snow boots, a sunhat, and a toffee puffer that are at the loft in SLC. And a pair of white jeans in the wash. EVERYTHING is squared away and has its place after figuring out optimal storage solutions in the spaces that we have. Some of the these spaces are shared with Greg, but it's only my stuff and Sam's stuff  in the pics: 

#1 - Basics 

#2 - Yoga & Swimwear

#3 - Loungewear & Sleepwear

#4 - Knitwear

#5 - Holiday Knitwear & Scarves

#6 - View of some pets.... 


#8 - Jackets, Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Hats, Shoes 

#9 - ......close-up

#10 - Jeans & Pants & a pet that needs to hang 

#11 - Brand new duplicated footwear in boxes waiting in the wings...

#12 - Sam's wardrobe box

#13 - Sam's wardrobe

#14 - No coat closet yet - so coats are in a wardrobe box for now. Will be DIY'ing the red wedding cabinet at the back into a coat closet

#15 - Winter accessories that will go into the wedding cabinet when complete

#16 - Sam on his wardrobe box 

#17 & #18 = #OOTD: casual micro check wide crops from BR's Japanese collection. SUBLIME fabric. Gorgeous fit and comfort. And navy cabled striped pullover to go with it. Overdue haircut...

Feeling blessed and grateful with my edited, organized, curated and fab-for-me wardrobe in our temporary storage spaces. Relieved the move is behind us! xo