What a wonderful picture album, sort of like being back in Venazza, one of the 5 little towns along the coast in the national park. The Food! Isn't the local wine perfect with the fresh seafood? Thank you for sharing the fun.

Wow how fabulous! What a lovely trip. And that deep blue sea- just gorgeous.

Great photos, lovely colours! My favourite picture of you is #47 - love that combo of red dress with yellow and white accessories.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! I’m dying to go to that area of Italy. Belissima! It’s so impressive how polished you remain when most others would be willing (me included). I love your pink Boden dress the best, unsurprisingly.

How colorful! I love the food pictures and you looked super fab in pearls. My favorite shot is you and Greg with gelato. Thank you as always for sharing, looks very fun.

Gorgeous pictures. Everyone looks so happy. The light in Italy is amazing. One day I will visit there.

Oh wow. This may be my favorite set of "Angie on vacation" pics yet. Everything looks so easy and elegant, right out of a travel magazine.

We're planning on visiting Italy in the spring. This has certainly whetted my appetite:)

Absolutely sublime photos Angie, I am itching to book.next years trip after a lovely holiday in Seville.

You look wonderfully relaxed and sundrenched in your photos.


their tourist bureau should have you on their speed dial.

So lovely! The colors, the food....just magical. Thank you for sharing.

Such beautiful pictures Angie and such a treat to see. So lovely to see your holiday outfits. What an absolute treat to go shopping in Furla in Italy! I would think the Italians enjoyed your polish and poise.

Wow, what a treat to get to see all these pictures Angie. You look so beaautiful in all of them, and matched perfectly with the background. The food looks delicious too. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing. I love all the photos - scenery, art, buildings, food, clothes and people!! The light and colours are gorgeous...

Very excitingly we booked last week (and paid gulp) to go to Italy next year for three weeks. We probably won't get to the Amalfi Coast but I am sooooo excited to go back after so many years. We go in April.

Love seeing these beautiful pictures. Everyone looks happy and relaxed; the backdrop to all the fun is stunning, too. Looks like you had fun with local cuisine and the market photo is enticing. Thanks for sharing.

One of my favorite threads(and blog!) of yours Angie, ever-ever! I am in awe seeing such a stylish crowd and places- it is all perfection, but I best love pictie with your girl besties in nr 51! :-)))

Oh my gosh - so gorgeous! What a special holiday. Thank you for sharing.
I was thinking of Italy or Greece for my 50th in a few years. These pics are very convincing - DH is a keen sailor, and I'm pretty sure I can convince him that a week on a yacht would be amazing And some time on land for me, too!

Oh my word! Angie, your vacation pics look like they came out of a travel magazine. Exquisite! The fashion! The food! The friends and the fun! Yours looks like a most memorable trip. I am so happy you enjoyed yourself and brought home lots of wonderful memories.

Ohhhh looks like a fantastic holiday. I absolutely love Posatano and the surrounding area. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Your outfits look amazing and I can't help but notice you in a T-Shirt!! hahaha

A true feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing these beautiful mementos, Angie!

Breathtaking! What photography.
I wanna go....

THANK YOU, ladies. You are all sooooo gracious. Sorry I can't respond in more detail - I'm under the weather with a cold.

Oh, sorry to hear that, Angie. Best wishes for a quick recovery. Remember to drink a lot, and try to rest and sleep as much as you can. Hugs.

Beautiful pictures. We stayed at the hotel by the blue and white umbrellas. Love Italy, the food, the colors, the sea and of course the shopping. Will be returning in the fall to Europe for work. Sorry your feeling under the weather. The one pitfall of travel, all the germs.

Rest up and take care of yourself....travel and NAS is a lot on a person. Be well.

The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I discover through you Italy and his sublime villages.

Thanks so much for sharing these Angie. They are wonderful. I was in this part of Italy many many years ago, I'd forgotten how beautiful it was.

I loved just looking at the thumbnails of your photos... such a collage of happy colour!

The pictures do speak for themselves. The Amalfi coast is on my list of see soon places, so your taste of it has reinforced my desire.

Thanks for sharing! Your yellow bag was the most appropriate color!

These are fantastic! Two thoughts: Does your personal color palette always coordinate so well with your vacation destination? AND, how can someone who dislikes tee shirts so much look so cute in one?!

You lot make me laugh, and thanks for the awfully kind words. (I'm 90% over my cold and feeling soooooo much better).

Lesley, I had to wear the tee for group camaraderie. I wouldn't have bought the style at retail, but the nostalgia behind the design and the trip is very meaningful. The tee is in my sentimental pile - and no, still not wearing tees. (My colour palette stays the same no matter where I travel!)