Angie's recent mantra of " stick to /go back to the classics when the trends aren't in your favour" has really been in my head of late.

This spring and summer has left me feeling dissatisfied, definitely unfab, and thoroughly confused in terms of my style, what is out there at retail , and what the heck I want to wear. I've been spending money like a crazy person lately: buying more and more in a silly attempt to find the right things, to get the trends right, to make them work. And now I have a great pile of clothes and shoes that are all over the place in terms of style and function. Rather than slowing down and take a breath, I get more ramped up in my determination to make things work.

I tell myself I don't have a lot of time to browse and shop, and don't have time and/or interest in sitting on my computer browsing through a million pages of clothes......and yet I've ordered everything I can think of and have spent far too much time in stores lately . My friends,I've gone off the deep end.

This year's trends are not my friends. I do not find high-rise pants flattering on me, or on 90% of the population . The first two tops/skirts combos in today's blog post left me pretty confused - I don't see anything appealing about them whatsoever. I know a lot of it is about relaxing into JFE territory - but I don't feel I can "afford" JFE, if you know what I mean. I don't have enough to work with that I can let half of it go . I now have about 4 pair of cropped flowy-er and wide legged pants/jeans, and I do not feel great in any of them. I buy tops to wear with them, and those don't work either. This whole focus on the midsection of the body (exposed high rises, shorter tops ) is really not for me.

In my line of work, it's important to look current, even fashion-forward. I WANT to look like I pay attention to trends .

Dresses? Well, I've ordered a Boden shirtwaist (and then added in a pair of clogs and a bag I really don't need, but I was in an ordering frenzy) , but have not heard a peep out of them since my order was acknowledged last week. Ships from the UK though, so who knows when I'll get it.

Does everything have to be about losing 10-20 lbs in order to wear the trends well? Because if it is, I'm out. I don't want to be caught up in that mindset, but it's honestly how I feel this summer. And then to make matters worse, my husband made a crappy comment about my hair 2 weeks ago - suggesting it was getting far too short. Can I please hide until winter now?

Thanks for reading this rant - am I alone out here on my raft in the sea of misery?