Ah, yes. That time of year again. I need to replace/ upgrade some summer tops. I've just done an edit and the closet is looking a little sparse. I made an order from Zara, but most of what I ordered is going straight back. So now I am faced with a dilemma.

I looked into my closet yesterday and felt: I have nothing current. Nothing to wear.

Now, that is a silly lie. Of course I have some current things!!

But, I do seem to be lacking in current-feeling tops that I can wear with my jeans (either BF or skinny) or with my tube skirts.

(I might also be lacking in a suitable topper for wearing with my BF jeans in intermediate temperatures when my wool jackets begin to feel too warm. Angie, suggestions for styles?)

I think what I'm missing (perhaps?) is some drapey tee shirts (or similar) for my very casual life. But other styles could also work. I feel like I want to shake up the silhouettes a bit, do something different.

What I have:

  • Several linen tees from J. Crew with boatneck and 3/4 sleeve.
  • A short sleeved patterned linen tee from J. Crew
  • Half a dozen button up shirts (some of these are boxy or silky/ drapey, and some are more fitted.)
  • A few sleeveless "tent" or trapeze-like tops for high summer -- it's still too cool for me to wear these.

Anyone have suggestions? I seem to have a mental block about what kinds of tops would update my look.

Note that one reason I haven't found tees is that I need some structure in the neckline -- a lot of the flowing drapey ones have necklines that are far too loose and unstructured for me. I can wear a boatneck but don't look good in a low scoop or a low V.

Bonus points for items that are available online in Canada.

(Examples of some of the things I have in Finds.)

Combined Silk Top
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Linen boatneck tee
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