Thank you so much for all your fab suggestions (and therapeutic comments)! It's a GREAT season for all kinds of clothes and I love the look of the tops, but am having trouble adding the variety I'd like due to the neckline issues. You've really helped.

Ariadne, I need to get onto the Aritzia web site pronto. I always forget them.

Sinead, I hear you loud and clear! Hope you meet with success at the Loft!

ABC, in love is a good place to be! I will check out the top. Sometimes I can do a V (or wear a cami with a V, LOL.)

Glory, great idea. Leave no retail stone unturned.

Joy, Viva, so glad I am not alone. Well, actually, I wish you didn't have my issues, but at least I feel a little less peculiar! I do take comfort in the fact that Angie has found some wonderful things. That might mean we can, too!

Isabel, you are so clever. Good point about alterations. For some reason those Macy's links were not loading but I will go back to them. Sometimes that site is just a little wonky from Canada.

Gaylene, you are a genius. I LOVE Max Mara weekend. You're right that it is pricey, but as you say, the $$ exchange plus duties etc. have made US shopping less attractive. I have not ordered from the States except for my Boston trip when I was going to be there and could bring things back legally without duty due to length of stay.

And I am in luck - I'm in Toronto for work next week. I will be really packed with meetings but might get a few moments to go scouting on Thursday....stay tuned! I love the items you linked to. You have been my summer saviour in the past, so crossing fingers it will work out again. I can also try the Eileen Fisher stuff when I am there. I had worried that the necklines would be too floppy but I see Angie included one of the sweaters in her picks for me in this post, so I think I need to give them a try. The quality is so high it is worth it if the fit is great.

Thanks again, all. I am feeling more hopeful. Especially since I just got a little delivery from J. Crew.

Vicki, we cross posted! thank you. Those are also good suggestions. I am off to investigate.

Suz, you have already received some amazing suggestions, but I wanted to include a couple since we have similar body types and I have bought a lot of new tops this season.
The crossover blouses can sometimes be found with an extra little snap at the neck that makes the whole neckline much more closed, like this black top.
Then, how about upscale silk sweatshirts with short sleeves? I am considering this J Crew one. Then,what about silk tees, or shift blouses as they are sometimes called?
I am eyeing the radiant orchid one and already own the two patterned versions. And finally, silk blouses with dolman sleeves like the berry Vince?

Tanya, thank you -- these are gorgeous options. I especially love the Rebecca Taylor and the J. Crew, but all are possibles. I have added them to my own "finds." (Don't you just LOVE that feature???)

Suz, did you go with your regular size for the JCrew tux shirt, or did you size up for slouch? (ordering now!)


Oh, and the lovely silk-front sweater may go in my JCrew basket too. Thank you, Tanya!!!

I've been top shopping like crazy, but we are so different in body type and climate needs I don't think anything I've found would be what you are looking for. But good luck! Nice to have Suz for company!

Peri, the ones you have found have been complete and total winners for me. So you are doing well. I will keep you in mind. Anything I love that won't work on me might work on you.

Vivian, I went with my regular J. Crew size for the shirt. A size up would also have worked, but this was boxy already.

Oh man, do I understand! I discovered this exact problem when I went to put together my Hawaii challenge capsule. I don't like ANY of my summer tops! (well, not really, but you know). And a frustrating thing - I have a drawer full of new tee's, that I've picked up on sale etc because in the past I found fit hard, so would grab when I found them. Well, they all FIT. I don't want them to fit, I want them to drape!!

Unfortunately my neckline requirements are totally opposite from yours, so I cant' take a lot of the marvelous suggestions posted here. Maybe I should start another post for those of us linebackers needing scoop and vee necklines! This is holding me back I think on a lot of my summer bottoms, esp thinking of silk track pant styles. I can't complete the look. Sigh.

Elizabeth, absolutely start a new thread. You are NOT alone and your IT sisters will chime in!

Suz, offering commiseration here as I've been struggling with that the past few years. Which makes me feel a bit silly as there are soooo many cool options out there in recent years, but there you have it. I also wear sweaters A LOT, which probably doesn't help matters. I'm going to have a look through all the great suggestions there, though our neckline preferences are a bit different. Still good eye education, so thanks for starting this and I hope you get some more interesting top options soon!

Suz, I think you have me mixed up with someone else! I've only posted one thing in a month...the only thing I really like. I have bought about 6 tops, but tonight I'm staring at my closet and thinking I have nothing to wear tomorrow. I think I could return 5 out of 6 and not miss them. Summer shopping is not going well for me!

Vicki you mentioned a lightweight navy field jacket...I have this one and love it:

Sorry...I can't post a picture from my ipad for some reason.

Peri, I'm thinking of that last top you showed us. It is SO sensational on you that I will probably never forget it. But of course you can't wear that every day.

I think I was subconsciously hoping you had found a couple more this fab.

Suz, I love those tops Angie picked from Loft (my favs are below). High neckline, fluid fit, very current. I had some problems with some Loft linen tees that I purchased last summer, though - they stretched out a bit at the neckline and hemline in the wash. Hopefully the newer ones are better quality. I saw some cute tops on the J. Crew site, although the swiss dot tuxedo top looks a bit sheer. Ted Baker has some gorgeous florals, did you check out any of those?

I wish you lived here - we could go shopping today, me for a dress and you for tops!

Yes, that one is the favorite! Notice Karie just recommended it with Finds. I do truly love it...but no, nothing else has been that fab!