Love asymmetrical skirts and would certainly like to have more than the one I own at the moment. Yours is inspirational and lovely. The colours you are wearing are beautiful with your colouring.

KILLER to the Power of KILLER

The palette, silhouette, and dinner date are perfect. Bet Mama loved this, sweet Brooklyn

Your wavy hair is lovely too!

I LOVE asymmetrical hemlines on dresses and skirts. Here are mine:

I’m loving your title almost as much as your gorgeous outfit! I love a music reference.

Brooklyn, you look glowing and just sensational! Love the colours on you, and echo Angie on your wavy hair. What a great skirt.

I adore asymmetrical skirts, tops, whatevers! Alas, I do not currently have as many of them as I might wish! And of course your post instantly sent me off to search for some, but I didn't find anything that made my heart sing.

Anyway, my current asymmetrical skirts/ dresses are below. The asymmetry on the last skirt is a bit hard to see -- it's not really asymmetrical in length. It has asymmetrical pleats that are just a little "off" and funky.

Gorgeous and signature! I definitely can think of two asymmetrical skirts that I like to wear but after this thread I feel primed to manifest another one !

Angie, thanks for the K2K. I knew you’d be on board too. Love your collection!

I also like a rounded hem. Does that count as asymmetric? I find it has similar flattery advantages. Not as harsh as a horizontal line. This one may have found it’s way to me. And look, pleats!

Suz, thank you. Especially for the glowing. No-one ever says that to me I will keep an eye out for a skirt for you. I love vicarious shopping.

Thanks FC. I’m surprised an asymmetric skirt is not part of your repertoire because I know you like asymmetric tops. Like Janet said, I think the diagonal line is much more flattering. You could whip one up by the weekend couldn’t you? Make one for me too. Pretty please.

Thanks Shevia, Lisa, The Cat, RobinF and ClaraB.

Sterling, thank you for that lovely message. I look forward to hearing more from you. I always enjoy your analytical approach.