Great look on you Lisa with the subtle plaid, great pants and of course wonderful scarf.

Like you I have struggled with plaid. I have a vintage cream coat in cream and grey that I can manage, and a gingham dress. I am open to it but I find florals, spots and stripes easier.

Really nice — one of my favorites ever of yours! I’m so happy to see the replacement scarf.

Lisa P, I LOVE plaids. One of my favourite patterns. But I have a stormy relationship with plaid shirts too. Casual Seattle grunge plaid shirt - GOT to have that. Then went off the look sooooo much. I now have one polished and semi fitted plaid shirt from J Crew. Looks very RL - especially when I wear a T-neck underneath. I do like that look. '70s Fabness.

It's a great look on you , Angie !

That is a great outfit, Lisa. I don’t think it is too maximal, it is just right

Great look on you Lisa. I love the plaid with the skull scarf. Perfect pattern mixing. I see lots of plaids around here (Montreal). They scare me too.

How did I miss that you got The Scarf replaced? Good for you.

It looks like you have found your version of plaid. I am your total opposite, I need the high contrast in my tartans as with everything else. I love glen check, and now own several items, but in it I look as exciting as an accountant's ledger. I go in thinking that lots of black for contrast should work out fine, but if you find that boring no wonder I can't pull it off. Thanks for showing the way: I need more -- colour, pattern, texture -- off to experiment.