Given my schedule for the last few days of the month, I think I can safely say that I'm done with my March shopping and ready to check in.

In our yearlong shopping challenge, I committed to buying 31 or fewer items this year (not counting undergarments).
January - 0 items
February - 5 items
March - 2 items

I added the Gap joggers in olive this month, as well as a Disney graphic tee (actually, my husband bought this for me as a gift). Both items slot into my nascent theme park capsule.

That puts me at 7 total items YTD, all shown in Finds. I've retired 10 items so far this year, so my wardrobe has actually shrunk a little.

More in-depth numbers geeking ahead. You can safely stop here if you're not into the nitty gritty stats.


I checked to see how much my new items are getting worn. It's too early to make judgements, based on this, but some items are clearly already working hard.

Bed Stu ankle boots - 12 wears
Eileen Fisher jumpsuit - 7 wears
Elizabeth Suzann dress - 4 wears
Gap joggers - 2 wears
rust scarf - 1 wear
graphic tee - 1 wear
lounge pants - don't track, but a lot

The items I retired ranged between 13 and 124 wears. 70% were over the 30-wear threshold. My goal is to get this number over 90%. That means buying less and choosing better, which is what this whole exercise is about for me.