Hi everyone, inspired by Jenn's incredible discipline with tracking and shopping, I am thinking about how to use Finds more effectively for managing my wardrobe and my style hobby in general?

A few things I haven't been doing but plan to:

  • keep track of all my purchases for 2020 so I have a running visual list and count
  • create a wish list to keep track of items I think I might want
  • maybe a collection of dream-life items that I love but make no sense for my lifestyle and/or budget - as a way of indulging without purchasing?

This is in addition to trying to take advantage of Angie's recommendations more this year.

How do you use finds? Do you have a mishmash of items, like I currently do? Are you careful with labeling? What sort of collections do you create to keep yourself organized? Do you manage in some sort of regular way, or just whenever you have time for a long coffee break?

Thank you, and happy Monday!