I've been wearing trendy higher rises more frequently over the last few years - (surprisingly, since I'm relatively short in the rise). It's been working well when the fabric and fit are spot on. Devil is in the detail, isn't it.

I'm updating my Spring denim capsule because trendy jeans are a wardobe essential for my style. It took a while to get there, but I've found my new direction. High rise cropped flares with exposed front fly. The exposed front fly made a huge difference because it seems to break up the expanse of the rise somehow. And I love the way it looks because it's new-to-me. (A little Levis 501 nostalgia too).

I got these jeans from Madewell and road tested them right away when shopping with a casual client yesterday (outfit in Finds). LOVE THEM. Very comfy and a brilliant fit. They make me look more curvy, which I'm enjoying too. WHY NOT! I semi-tucked a soft cashmere pullover and left a few visible belt loops exposed (photo below). They were too unraveled and RATE at the hem so I neatened them up at home. Now they feel dead right.

I will be exploring more of this new-to-me vibe as the season progresses. Fun to have found a new denim direction, and hope it inspires someone.