"I think for those of us with a decent size bust, a short waist and being thicker through the middle than we used to be mid rise jeans are still going to be our friend more than high waists."

That is exactly how I feel. My stomach is still *relatively* flat, but I have weird back fat that I never had when I was younger. Ah, menopause. So the default styling of high waists when I was young -- snug fitted tucked tops or even bodysuits -- just don't work so well now.

Dressing a changing body is an adjustment, for sure.

"They bring out the curve of your hips and thighs, which I think is a new fashion direction."
YES! Anything that may give me curves is on my list. Not so excited about curves being a new fashion direction. Why couldn't that have been true 50 years ago when I needed it?!

I love these on you Angie. I'm loving my cropped flares

Wow, you look great! They look great!
I LOVE the exposed front buttons. Is this the 10" rise?
Is the sizing the same as premium denim?
I know what my size is in COH and Mothers.
Can you tell I'm interested in these?!
Ps: again, you look really great

Those are super cute on you!

Great jeans on you, Angie!

I can see how the button fly adds visual interest to the front thus breaking up the expanse of fabric inherent in this style. What about the back view? Lisap's comment about the back view of a sales associate hit home for me. My long torso makes thisstyle very appealing but is there any way to negate the expanse of fabric on the back side?

Dana, thank you. Really? It’s almost all mid and high rise this side. Interesting.

April, HAH. No problems whatsoever with the button fly and loo logistics. My jumpsuit in the other hand……..

Xtabay, I love a button fly too. High five.

Bonnie, Cynthia and Jenni, you are lovely.

Lisap, thank you, and you crack me up. (UO might not have been the best place to try hihj rise jeans!)

Sally, wise words and good luck with your jeans search.

Janet, you always look fab, and better each year.

Joy, you also crack me up. Go tty on some him waisted jeans.

Caro, you’re a honey, and high five on loving the cropped flare.

Smittie, thank you. YES. A 10 inch rise, which on my shorter rise is very high. I usually take a 25 in premium denim. Sometimes 24 and sometimes 26. These are perfect in a 25 (although I stitched the back a bit).

greycat6, HAH. I’m much more concerned about the front view, actually. Back looks just fine to my eye. I have a round bottom that fills out the high rise.

I love these jeans Angie. They look great on you. I will be thinking about them. Very pretty colour of denim.

Those are very nice jeans - they have a higher rise without the ballooning that the 20 year olds are sporting (my DD and her friends included). I think a 10" rise is ideal for me. I would love to see a photo of you wearing these in full frame to get a sense of the height that you've got them cropped to. Higher rise, cropped, flared... you've clearly got it going on!

These look great! I'd also like to see a photo of how you neatened up the hems.

Very pretty on you--love the sky blue wash, too.

Style Fan, you are just lovely. I know you like high rise too. High five.

Karie & BrieN, I added pics of the hems with footwear at the beginning. They are a perfect length. Lucky! You're dead right about these NOT ballooning out at the hip and thigh, which makes them more flattering. Streamlined and tailored in all the right places.

I love these on you! I used to love button fly jeans, but I agree with April...too much trouble for my 50-year-old bladder these days.

I did buy a pair of high rise cropped flares at Madewell a few months ago. I kind of like them on me. Sadly, I am carrying 5 extra pounds after the holidays that I can't seem to shake, so the jeans are shelved for now.

These look perfect on you Angie! I am a terrible fit in most higher rise jeans but will enjoy these on you. Maybe even the entire outfit one day .

Do you have before and after pics of the hem change? And may I ask how long you anticipate having these in your wardrobe?--just a guesstimate.

In general, how long do you foresee ragged hems being in style? The conservative in me worries that if I purchase a pair, they'll look dated before they've been worn out.

Hope you fit into those jeans soon, Aquamarine. 

Shevia, thanks for the encouragement and kind words. I will wear these for you with pride. 

GF, you can get a good before pic of the hem if you zoom into the Nordies photo. Think of how mainstream distressed denim is. In fact - it's relentless and there is no stopping it, (or the body con skinny for that matter). Frayed hems are the cousin trend. Plenty of mainstream and avant-garde longevity. It's STILL on the catwalks - never mind retail. 

I'm going to say it again. I LOVE that detail on the hem, and they look a whole lot better now that you've tidied them up. More intentional, and so much more you.

I love that you tidy up the hems, as I do this on my frayed hem jeans too. I do like a frayed hem, just not too frayed. The fit of these jeans are fantastic and I can see them being a real workhorse over the warmer months.

I just went and measured my high rise jeans. 11 inches! And they are still not up to my waist! I must have the longest rise ever!

You look fantastic in these - the exposed buttons are very 1980s Guess denim. I'm experiencing a serious case of high-rise envy!

The top of the pants look so good on you. They remind me of the USN sailor pants I wore in high school.

Thanks, Liz and Bijou. I'm loving the "controlled frayed hem" too.

Anne, YES. You have a long waist and rise. High rise is 10 inches on my shorter rise.

Laura, go get them too. And Go Team '80s.

Fun memory, JAileen.

Ooh, loving this look Angie! I'm imagining your whole outfit too, from the finds you've shown. How fab!

Ordered and feeling hopeful! If these work for me, this will be one for the YLF history books.

Angie you look fab in your high rise jeans! You're onto it with the buttons breaking up the expanse for you.
Anne, I just measured and my 11" rise comes nowhere near my waist either!

Great jeans on you Angie, you look fab in your high rise jeans. The buttons are very nice.

Looks great on you, but I'm probably not joining team high rise anytime soon. I just don't see them looking even JFE on my apple belly. And no belt?? Ack. I've been away too long.

I am glad to see crop jeans with frayed hems are still current. I was worried a bit when I saw a pair in the Talbot's catalog of all places.

These are great on you, Angie! I "collected" them right away when you showed them. I particularly like the frayed hem with the pointed toe bootie -- it's a bit of juxtaposition. I'm also really glad to see you wearing a semi tuck here. I've been wearing semi-tuck or full tuck with my higher rises and just prefer it.

I love the button front on these. I have one pair of (hidden) button front crops (mid-rise) plus my old True Religion BFs (which are in a holding zone now). I might give this jean a try myself, although what I really think I'm after is a very dark wash one; my Chelsea 28 culottes are a medium/light wash and I am lacking a dark wash version!

The culottes make me look curvier and sometimes I worry about my back view a bit. But I wear them anyway.

These look great on you! Did you see the J Crew version of these back in the Fall? I tried them but, whoa did they enhance the curves! I didn't need any help in that area but they sure were comfy and loved the button fly.